$125,000 Teacher Salary…

Posted: March 8, 2008 in Education, Educational Leadership, School, Students, teachers

The New York Times:  “At Charter School, Higher Teacher Pay”

“A New York City charter school set to open in 2009 in Washington Heights will test one of the most fundamental questions in education: Whether significantly higher pay for teachers is the key to improving schools.

The school, which will run from fifth to eighth grades, is promising to pay teachers $125,000, plus a potential bonus based on schoolwide performance. That is nearly twice as much as the average New York City public school teacher earns, roughly two and a half times the national average teacher salary and higher than the base salary of all but the most senior teachers in the most generous districts nationwide.”

  1. allenfurlong says:

    It is about time someone gets paid well for teaching 🙂

  2. nhokanson says:

    The figure caught my eye! 😉 Thanks for stopping by Allen. I love your student’s “Tall Tales” podcasts!!! Everyone go and listen to them: http://allenfurlong.wordpress.com/

  3. Rebecca19 says:

    i think that its Really good that some teachers finally get paid alot. im only in high school, but i have heard what teachers are getting paid, and i dont think thats even enough to get food for a few months. i think that other teachers salary should go up also.

  4. Steve says:

    The education of the next generation is often cited as THE most important task for our nation’s survival. Giving a salary to teachers that is befitting the job, allows the teacher to concentrate on his/her job — not on survival. This is what brought about the Renaissance, there was a stabile, flourishing economy of northern Italy (although it was not “Italy” at the time). This stability enabled people to consider things more than hand-to-mouth existence. People began to learn, culture benefited.

    If we want our nation to succeed, we MUST train the young. If we want teachers to do well, allow them to flourish. As it is, out of their minimal salary they must pay for the continuing education necessary to keep their license.

    This move is GOOD. Let’s continue to put our money where our mouth is.

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