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Sixteen years ago I became a dad for the first time. I was scared to my wits about the whole thing and I suppose I still am! 😉 Hannah helped me learn to be a dad. She taught me how to play Barbies, have fun with water, to “do it again daddy,” to worry more than I ever have, to be prouder than I ever have, and to have a broken heart more than I ever could have known.

My joy is great because of Hannah, and I can’t believe how fast 16 years can go by. This little baby that arrived near high noon on April 30, 1992 stared into my eyes and won my heart forever. I can still see her and that moment in my mind as if it were yesterday. It was a great day, and life has improved each day. If I had to list one of my greatest teachers it would be Hannah. Because of what she didn’t or doesn’t know, I learn. That is so cool! I love you Hannah!!!

My blog has been a place where I have met some wonderful people.  These great folks have become my teachers and as they share their knowledge, experiences, products, concerns, and hearts they become my friends.  Kyle Addington teaches me more and more each day, and he created a video that I have been meaning to share and it cannot wait any longer!  Watch, learn, and do:

I am sharing the following list that I gathered at the NETA conference.  Many of these tools I have used, but there are a few I plan to try out and share my thoughts on over the coming days.  For now, I share the raw list in case you are interested in giving them a try along with me.  Let me know your thoughts and experiences so that we can learn together.  Thanks!

My son Charlie created a claymation video yesterday. You can visit his blog to leave a comment about his project. I think it’s pretty good for a first time go at claymation; so, let him know what you think.

Charlie’s Blog:

Had a great day at NETA yesterday.  Excellent breakout sessions, good networking, and there are some great things going on around the state.  I hope to get to the vendor floor to look at the various offerings in more detail today.  I am hoping to get to some digital citizenship sessions today to bring back information  to our district.  Again, my notes can be found at my PBWiki:

I sit waiting for Will Richardson’s keynote this morning here in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska at the NETA Conference.  This should be a good conference as I have heard many positive things about it.  My notes for the day can be found at my PBWiki; so, if you are interested head over to get the details.

My son Charlie and his good friend Wyatt!!!