The Android Tablet Saga Continues…

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
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As I shared some time ago, I have been embedding DOPO Android tablets into the learning process in my classroom.  My students and I have been utilizing the devices this school year without any major bumps in the road.  One was dropped and met its end, but the rest of the tablets have weathered heavy use.  One thing I miss is access to Flash; so, I installed the Dolphin and FlashFox browsers as a solution to run some of my Flash based resources (I do have alternative HTML versions as a work around too).  Yes, these browsers utilize the last version of Flash to run on Android (11…), but I’m not too concerned about a security risk as we spend most of our time in the walled garden of my classroom website.  Many of my students also use their own devices (a few tablets and mostly phones) to access my online resources.  I also reworked my classroom site, that runs via WordPress, with a more mobile friendly theme.  So, what will the new school year bring?  A continued effort in personally financed and low end tech that can follow me anywhere…

  1. […] I mean, I’m no fan of Flash, but when a technology expert says Flash is *this* bad, then it’s bad. The thing is, people want “easy.” We also don’t want things disrupting our experiences, telling us we need to do this or do that. Also – If a device says “unable” – We just move on to the next thing nowadays because there’s so much content out there. Call me whatever but it seems Flash has a steep learning curve for anybody who wants to toy with it versus just being a passive viewer of Flash content. Evidently, there are some scenarios where it’s somewhat okay to use it if you really think there’s the need. […]

  2. nhokanson says:

    My need for Flash is so my students can access an online textbook…

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