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Nebraska Highway Cams

Because you want to see!


Sprout Sprout is a new way to produce interactive content online. Here is what they say at their site:

How It Works

“With Sprout, you can create sophisticated and dynamic interactive content with sprout in three steps, as follows:”


“Building a sprout is easy. Choose from dozens of pre-built templates or start from scratch. Drag-and-drop shapes, text, images, video, and more. Then add components such as slideshows, jukeboxes, and countdown clocks, as well as interactive services such as chat (Meebo), phone (Ribbit), fundraising (ChipIn), and more. Once you’ve got your content in place, use advanced editing and navigation tools to perfect your sprout.”


“Publishing your sprout is easy, too! Just click “publish” and then cut and paste your sprout code into any Web page, or use the “quick post” feature to automatically place your sprout into blogs and social networking sites. For more advanced options, publish your sprout via any of our distribution partners, including Clearspring, Gigya, and Spring Widgets.”


“Once your sprout is published, your audience can copy and spread it to their Web pages and communities. You can then track usage stats such as how many copies were made, how many times your sprout was viewed, and more. You can also edit your Sprout, and ALL copies of your sprout will be instantly updated! Add or change content as needed to keep your audience engaged and informed.”


“Sprout’s mission is to make it quick and easy for anyone to build sophisticated multimedia web content.”

I’m going to give it a try. Share what you create here!!!

I am teaching a workshop on creating and publishing media online.  The following are some online resources that I have found to be good places to post content.  What are some that you all recommend?


Google Video





School Notes





Hulu I finally got my Hulu private beta invitation today. Like Joost, Hulu offers “television” programming, but the offerings are different and I had a better experience with Hulu. I must say that I am totally impressed. I just finished the first episode of WKRP in Cincinnati and was pleased with the loading and presentation of the media. There are quick ads during the program, and they were short and to the point. When the ads come on you cannot gain access to the controls (I was just curious how that would work), but I had no problem with the brief ads. The picture quality is great, and I am hooked here at the beginning. What the future holds for this business remains to be seen. Will they charge for the content, subscription model, can ads keep it going? These are questions that come to mind, but I know that more and more my family gets their entertainment media from online sources. Could this be the end of the satellite dish? Will the computer soon be hooked up to the LCD TV? It may not be too much longer before it happens with offerings like Hulu.

PBS Frontline special (Can be viewed online at the program web site):  “Growing Up Online.”

I am remiss to post this a day late, but nonetheless I humbly and thankfully share the words of a great man:

I am a dad of 5 beautiful children.  One is a teenager and another will soon be one. Parents often find themselves waiting for these kids as they are yet to get a driver’s permit. Tonight I wait at Taco Johns, free wifi, and make this latest post using my iPod Touch. It has been fun to wait tonight! Peace!