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It has been a few busy days since attending the NETA Conference in Omaha, and I just had an opportunity to look over my notes and add various links I wanted to share.  The conference was very rewarding once again, and despite the sketchy internet connection, I was able to gain a wealth of information.

If you are interested in viewing the resources that my team and I gathered go to the following PBworks page (So long PBwiki in name, and hello to the new name!); plus, we will be adding more notes over the coming days so check back:


netastickermemberAnother exciting NETA Conference is underway, and I am looking forward to my second trip to this event.  When I announced I would be moving to Nebraska two years ago, David Warlick mentioned this great conference!  It is an excellent place to network, pick up new skills and information, and it is an event I would recommend to anyone in the region.  I plan to share what I learn over the next two days so stay tuned!

NETA Presentation Information

Posted: April 22, 2009 in NETA 2009

The following links provide information and resources concerning my NETA Conference presentation:  Student Centered Technology Planning…

NETA Presentation (PowerPoint 2007)

NETA Presentation and Notes (.pdf document)

NPPSD Technology Framework Site (

NPPSD Building Level Technology Plan Template (MS Word 2007 document format)

NPPSD Building Level Technology Plan Template (MS Word 97-2003 document format)

NPPSD Building Level Technology Plan Template (.pdf document)

NPPSD District Site (

Neil Hokanson Blog (


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I had viewed this before and was reminded of it in a recent presentation I attended. Food for thought. Enjoy!

Interesting article at  “One Cell Phone Per Child.”

The author’s conclusion states:

“If I sound optimistic, it’s because I am. If anything can derail this movement, it’s that almost all of these efforts have been driven by businesses that are pushing mobile adoption because it’s profitable to do so. So far, letting business take the lead has been pretty effective, but there are a lot of projects that require government coordination. I just hope that governments and NGOs aren’t so infatuated with the OLPC that they overlook the millions of portable computers that are already in people’s hands.”