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Here is a tutorial I created on how to delete a post in WordPress:  WordPress- Delete a Post.  Enjoy!

Warioland Shake It…

Posted: September 28, 2008 in Gaming, Just For Fun, Wii

This is a fun way to promote an upcoming Wii game:  Warioland Shake It.  Watch the YouTube page get destroyed and look out for cracks in your screen!  Enjoy!!!


Trying some streaming video experimentation!

In my WordPress Basics tutorials I failed to go over Design –> Extras.  Here is the tutorial I created today and an explanation of its features:  WordPress Design Extras.  Enjoy!

I have the opportunity to work with the HAL (High Ability Learner) middle school students this year.  The following is our quick foray into using Photo Story as a technology tool for the Biz World program.  In the future, students will utilize technology to help build their companies and to create products such as ads and commercials.

7th Grade Photo Story Projects:  About Me!!!

6th & 8th Grade Photo Story Projects:  About Me!!!

In my continued quest to discover ready made, valuable, computing tutorials for teachers and students, especially FREE resources, I came across Tech Ease in iTunes (I now have a couple of iPods full of these tutorials and will be watching them over the coming days!).  The Florida Center for Instructional Technology, USF College of Education, at the University of South Florida has produced several how to video tutorials for Mac and Windows applications with printable .pdf files and instructions.

The products range form iPhoto, Garageband, Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, Flickr, Delicious, Google docs and so much more!!!  Links to the sites follow:

Tech-Ease Windows

Tech-Ease Mac

Links to Tech-Ease screencasts from iTunes:

PDF (Printable Instructions)



Digital Video



Web 2.0




Second Life

Our district does have a subscription to Atomic Learning that meets many of our tutorial needs; however, when programs and applications change it is nice to have resources such as these, produced at the University of South Florida, that prove to be very beneficial especially to teachers and students.

Another wonderful resource I have used for computer basics is Harvard’s Computer Science E-1 (It has graced my iPod since the Fall of 2007).

Harvard Computer Science E-1 Website

Harvard Computer Science E-1 iTunes


Charlie and Wyatt continue to share their juggling talents with their latest performance at Rail Fest 2008. These young men have worked hard, and I’m sure they will be invited to entertain in the future!  Enjoy their Saturday morning performance during the hobo contest at the Rail Fest activities in Cody Park below: