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Here is a tutorial I created on how to delete a post in WordPress:  WordPress- Delete a Post.  Enjoy!

Warioland Shake It…

Posted: September 28, 2008 in Gaming, Just For Fun, Wii

This is a fun way to promote an upcoming Wii game:  Warioland Shake It.  Watch the YouTube page get destroyed and look out for cracks in your screen!  Enjoy!!!


Trying some streaming video experimentation!

In my WordPress Basics tutorials I failed to go over Design –> Extras.  Here is the tutorial I created today and an explanation of its features:  WordPress Design Extras.  Enjoy!

I have the opportunity to work with the HAL (High Ability Learner) middle school students this year.  The following is our quick foray into using Photo Story as a technology tool for the Biz World program.  In the future, students will utilize technology to help build their companies and to create products such as ads and commercials.

7th Grade Photo Story Projects:  About Me!!!

6th & 8th Grade Photo Story Projects:  About Me!!!


In my continued quest to discover ready made, valuable, computing tutorials for teachers and students, especially FREE resources, I came across Tech Ease in iTunes (I now have a couple of iPods full of these tutorials and will be watching them over the coming days!).  The Florida Center for Instructional Technology, USF College of Education, at the University of South Florida has produced several how to video tutorials for Mac and Windows applications with printable .pdf files and instructions.

The products range form iPhoto, Garageband, Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, Flickr, Delicious, Google docs and so much more!!!  Links to the sites follow:

Tech-Ease Windows

Tech-Ease Mac

Links to Tech-Ease screencasts from iTunes:

PDF (Printable Instructions)



Digital Video



Web 2.0




Second Life

Our district does have a subscription to Atomic Learning that meets many of our tutorial needs; however, when programs and applications change it is nice to have resources such as these, produced at the University of South Florida, that prove to be very beneficial especially to teachers and students.

Another wonderful resource I have used for computer basics is Harvard’s Computer Science E-1 (It has graced my iPod since the Fall of 2007).

Harvard Computer Science E-1 Website

Harvard Computer Science E-1 iTunes


Charlie and Wyatt continue to share their juggling talents with their latest performance at Rail Fest 2008. These young men have worked hard, and I’m sure they will be invited to entertain in the future!  Enjoy their Saturday morning performance during the hobo contest at the Rail Fest activities in Cody Park below:

If you haven’t tried creating a PowerPoint Jeopardy game, it is time to get started.  The following link takes you to a great resource for accomplishing this task:  PowerPoint Jeopardy!  There are other sites with templates, instructions, etc.; so, please pass along any that you have used along the way.

This is another handy video tutorial I created on embedding a PowerPoint in a WordPress post:

How do I post or embed a PowerPoint in WordPress?

Links to resources:  Slideshare, iSpring Free

Example of a PowerPoint using Slideshare below:

Leo Laporte is great, and I have followed him for many years from TechTV to his present projects with TWIT and his nationally syndicated radio program The Tech Guy. Leo has some great computing tips listed below:

Leo’s Six Rules for Safe Computing

1. Don’t open email attachments; even if it’s from someone you know. If you do get something from someone you know, make sure that they really sent it to you. Email attachments are the number one way viruses and trojan horses get into your email. You might also want to turn off HTML email in Outlook and other programs. HTML emails are just as dangerous as rogue web sites, and can spread infections just by previewing them.

2. Don’t click links in email. That link could lead you to a phishing site, or the link may lead you to install malicious software. Copy and paste links into your browser, or type them in by hand instead. Another reason to disable HTML email – the HTML hides the real destination of that seemingly innocuous link.

3. Don’t download files from places you aren’t absolutely sure are safe. Stick with the well known sites. Teeneagers who use filesharing software like BitTorrent, Azureus, Kazaa, Morpheus, Grokster, and Limewire, often unwittingly download spyware and trojans. If you must, quarantine all downloads then scan them a few days later with an updated anti-virus.

4. Update your OS regularly! Turn on automatic updates in OS X and Windows. Apply all critical updates immediately. Criminals often create hacks within 24 hours of Microsoft’s patches (these are called zero day exploits), so you need to protect yourself the day the patches appear.

5. Use a firewall. The best firewall is a hardware router – the kind you use to share an internet connection. Even if they’re not billed as firewalls, they are, and they’re quite effective. I also recommend turning on your operating system’s firewall – even if you have a router – but I don’t recommend third-party software firewalls. They cause more problems than they solve.

6. Never run as an administrator in any operating system. Administrators have way too many priveleges that malicious people/code can take advantage of. Run as a limited user as much as possible. Windows Vista, Linux, and Mac OSX allow you to run a majority of features, but with some additional safety, as a limited user.

If I would only search a little deeper, life wouldn’t be so complicated! 😉 The following link will give you a search for WordPress screencast “how to” videos: WordPress Screencast Tutorial Videos. Enjoy!

I have also divided the screencasts into categories or levels here:

Getting Started/Troubleshooting

What should I do first? [screencast]

How do I change my password? [screencast]

I lost my password – what now? [screencast]


General Settings [screencast]

Discussion Settings [screencast]

Reading Settings [screencast]


Where’s my dashboard (and what’s it for)? [screencast]

HTML & QuickTags vs. Visual Editor [screencast]

How can I edit the title and permalink of my post? [screencast]

How do I add links to other sites using the HTML or Visual editor? [screencast]

Having a static page at the front of the blog [screencast]

How do I manage (organize, edit, delete) my posts after they’ve been written or published? [screencast]

How do I manage (organize, edit, delete) pages after they’ve been published or saved? [screencast]

How do I save and manage draft posts? How does auto-save work? [screencast]

How do I change the time or date for my post? How do I set my post to publish in the future? [screencast]

How do I manage (approve, unapprove, mark as spam, delete) comments made to my blog? [screencast]

Adding Media

What filetypes can I upload?

How do I add video files to my posts? [screencast]

How do I post a Youtube video? [screencast]

How do I upload pictures? [screencast]

How do I add an audio file to my post? [screencast]

How do I add documents or other media to my blog posts? [screencast]

How do I create a picture gallery in my blog post? [screencast]


What is a widget? [screencast]

How do I add summaries/excerpts to my posts so that the full post doesn’t display on my blog’s front page? [screencast]

What’s a tag? How do I add tags to my posts? How do I manage tags? [screencast]

What’s a category? How do I add and manage categories? [screencast]

How do I manage (edit, delete, add, arrange) my tags? [screencast]

How do I manage (arrange, add, delete) categories? [screencast]

Which keyboard shortcuts can I use in the WordPress editor? [screencast]


Blog Stats [screencast]

How do I add more authors / users to my blog? [screencast]

How do I change the author of a post? [screencast]

How do I stop another author editing a post at the same time as me? [screencast]

How do I use the Press This! bookmarklet [screencast]

Using Windows Live Writer [screencast]

Bringing content into WordPress from Microsoft Word [screencast]

How do I write WordPress blog posts with the ScribeFire Firefox add-on? [screencast]

With the new WordPress this past spring it was time to find some basic video tutorials for my workshops. Unfortunately I did not have much luck; so, I have thrown together some of my own.

I used the FREE program Jing to create the tutorials, and they are .swf (Shockwave Flash) files. The tutorials are for beginning bloggers; so, have a look and listen and let me know what you think!

H I T WordPress Tutorials: The Basics

WordPress- Sign Up

WordPress- Logging In

WordPress- The Dashboard

WordPress- Design and Theme

WordPress- Design and Widgets

WordPress- Write a Post

WordPress- Write a Page

WordPress- Comments

WordPress- Settings (Change Title)

WordPress- Other Ways to Sign In or Log In

*Not bad for an old cowboy!  😉

“102 Minutes That Changed America”

Posted: September 10, 2008 in Education, History
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The History Channel via has an interactive site that revisits the 9/11 tragedy:  “102 Minutes That Changed America.”


“The map below presents unfiltered video captured by nine different eyewitnesses from 10 locations around the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th. Click on a location to begin.”

“This video contains material of a graphic and disturbing nature, and may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.”

Article on the Asus EeePC 900 ($400) from ZDNet in the Linux/Open Source section: “The Linux laptop goes to school.”

The beginnings of a project to connect elementary students in our school district, North Platte Public Schools, with a school in Uganda: