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donkeyInformation overload has the potential to overwhelm good citizens all over the world, and I am not immune!  With a busy life that begins with five children and all their great adventures, I am often not reading all my RSS feeds, not checking Twitter, nor updating Facebook.  However, I do utilize these tools and many others to organize information that I find useful, and I know that I will eventually get to the pieces of info that are meaningful to me.

I can’t keep up with it all and that is okay.  There are no laws that require us to keep up to date on every piece of information rolling around on the web, and there are laws that warn us not to neglect our children.  Remember that the next time a little one is trying to pull you away from a digital device screen.

By the way, happy anniversary to my dear wife Dianna.  19 years and still going strong!!!  🙂


We spent part of Saturday at the Nebraskaland Days Parade.  The following is footage utilizing the new Kodak camera that we are trying out.  The NPHS band is the featured entry in the video!

A few odds and ends keep showing up on my blog as I share examples of how to blog in various professional development workshops that I am facilitating this June.  We are podcasting, blogging, doing digital storytelling, video conferencing, trying out online tools, and experimenting with several tech gadgets including the Wii.  We have also been involved in Quest Atlantis professional development too.  It has been quite rewarding so far, and I myself have learned so much.  Our training resources can be found at one of my wikis:  HIT – Hokanson’s Instructional Technology Wiki. Enjoy!

I just saw this on – that is awesome!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "NASCAR Pit Stop in Times Square", posted with vodpod

This works quite well!!!

Good Afternoon

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How is the commenting going?

Test iPod Post

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Hey, does this work?

This is a post to welcome some new bloggers to the blogosphere!  It is an interesting world and fun too!  Students can definitely benefit from teachers that blog, and a classroom blog extends your classroom and shares what is happening with the rest of the world.

A blog is simply a type of website that is easy to put together and maintain (See the video clip below!).  Here is hoping that you enjoy blogging!