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I was recently reviewing my list of instructional technology trainings, etc. from my years serving as an instructional technology director. The list of resources can be found here although, some of the links to resources within are no longer available with my current school district abandoning a server that was utilized to feed this info. I have most of the information; so, I plan to reconstruct as much of those resources that I can over the next few weeks in order to have it serve as a historical record of my past work, but also to serve as a resource to those that can benefit from the information.

In the meantime, as I continue to teach again in a classroom setting, I am constantly constructing online resources that enable my students to work anywhere they have a device and internet connection as we flip the classroom and continue on our adventure in learning about modern American history. You can visit our journey at


UP turns rail yard training into virtual reality” North Platte Bulletin

“How does a 147-year-old railroad company reach out to its modern-era new employees? One answer has turned out to be video simulation that mimics the virtual world of today’s video games.”

With the new WordPress this past spring it was time to find some basic video tutorials for my workshops. Unfortunately I did not have much luck; so, I have thrown together some of my own.

I used the FREE program Jing to create the tutorials, and they are .swf (Shockwave Flash) files. The tutorials are for beginning bloggers; so, have a look and listen and let me know what you think!

H I T WordPress Tutorials: The Basics

WordPress- Sign Up

WordPress- Logging In

WordPress- The Dashboard

WordPress- Design and Theme

WordPress- Design and Widgets

WordPress- Write a Post

WordPress- Write a Page

WordPress- Comments

WordPress- Settings (Change Title)

WordPress- Other Ways to Sign In or Log In

*Not bad for an old cowboy!  😉

Abilene Christian University has implemented a program to provide all of their students with an iPhone.  Watch the following video to see the process in action:

This post is more local, but I know that many are looking for online graduate course delivery programs or even coursework to supplement and expand existing skills. The following three programs are regional offerings that provide excellent opportunities at great rates (My bias is with the University of Wyoming program as that is where I obtained my masters degree!).

The best part of these and any online offerings is that you can do them from a distance, at a time that is convenient for you, and your classroom is anywhere you have an internet connection. My experience was wonderful!!! Living in a rural area posed a great challenge, but via online coursework I had the opportunity to gain a quality education and had access to excellent professors and a supportive and engaging group of classmates located around the world (A perfect example of the “Flat World” we live in today).

UW New Thinking University of Wyoming (Laramie, Wyoming)

University of Wyoming Master’s in Education: Instructional Technology

University of Wyoming Outreach Program Tuition and Fees

University of Wyoming Outreach Catalog Fall 2008

UNK University of Nebraska-Kearney (Kearney, Nebraska)

University of Nebraska-Kearney Master’s in Education: Instructional Technology

University of Nebraska-Kearney Tuition and Fees

University of Nebraska-Kearney Spring 2008 eCampus Courses (Fall 2008 eCampus Courses Pending)

CSC Chadron State College (Chadron, Nebraska)

Chadron State College Master’s in Education: Educational Technology

Chadron State College Tuition and Fees

Chadron State College Fall 2008 Online Courses

Alan November I am pleased to have the opportunity to be able to see and hear Alan November when he arrives to visit our school district next week. Alan’s writings have been important and they have influenced me to work to find ways to help students learn and grow. I had the opportunity to attend the Building Learning Communities Conference in Boston last July 2007, and the conference, workshops, and wonderful people I met and conversed with were inspiring. Our little part of the world is moving forward as we look for ways to embed technology in the learning process, and Alan’s influence is a big part in that process. I look forward to Alan’s time here, and I know my colleagues will benefit from what he has to say. My hopes are that his inspiring words will lead to more action. This is a really big deal!!! Can you tell I’m excited!?! 🙂

Next week is also the one year anniversary of when my wife, children and I visited to interview for my position as educational technology specialist and Dianna’s speech-language pathologist position.  If I had been told I would be in the presence of Alan November one year later I  would have thought it was a dream!  What a difference a year makes, and I am so fortunate to have had the experiences I have had over this period of time.  The heart of it all has been the wonderful people I have met and been blessed to work with.  We are in the midst of something great, and as I have had more opportunities to work with students as of late, I know more than ever we are working with precious souls that need our guidance in an ever changing and complicated world.  My fifteen years in public education is such a short period of time, but I have gained a better perspective because of people like Alan November.  I would call it focus, and that is what people like Alan help me to do:  focus on things that are most important and things that matter most!  Working with young people and shaping a better future is what it is all about, and my lens is aimed at doing all that I can to be a positive influence in that noble cause!