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My Other Sites

I have been “online,” so to speak, since 1999. Web 2.0 has taken over, but some of my Web 1.0 and 2.0+ online examples and projects are found below:

ALL NEW Hokanson’s American History!!!

Hokanson’s Social Studies

Hokanson’s World Geography

Hokanson’s United States History

Hokanson’s World History

Hokanson’s Math and Science Resources (A work in progress!)

Hokanson’s World Geography Tutorials This page and the tutorials found and linked there are used a lot by students from around the world.

Hokanson’s University of Wyoming Instructional Technology e-Portfolio

Hokanson’s Be Cyber Intelligent – Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety

Delicious Links Secondary

Delicious Links Elementary

Diigo Links

Hokanson’s Classroom Blog A trial effort from fall 2006 and left as an example.

Hokanson’s Instructional Technology Wiki Was a classroom wiki and now in a transition process (I use Wikispaces as it offers 2 GB of FREE space).

My PBWiki (This has become my site for training resources and notes in the classes, workshops, and trainings that I offer).

SchoolNotes Site I used this easy to create site for many years via WedGate, and it is available to anyone. (I have created a new site associated with North Platte Public Schools). SchoolNotes Registration Page!

Nicenet You can’t view our threaded discussions, but this is what I used with my students for that purpose.



My trial Edublogs site

  1. Casey Erickson says:

    Neil, nice sight. Hope all is well in Nebraska. We are almost finished with our research class. It has been loads of fun. We are taking our final this week. Looks like you know what you are doing. Let me know how things are going. Casey

  2. Mackenzie Green says:

    Hi Neil!

    I was looking over a couple of your tutorials, and have to ask which grade level you taught…some of these would’ve applied to my curriculum in Colorado. I’m excited to be able to use these great resources with my students!

    Hopefully you and your family enjoy North Platte! I look forward to working with you.

    Warm regards,

    Mackenzie Green
    5th Grade
    Cody Elementary

  3. nhokanson says:


    I taught middle school world geography (7th grade in particular); however, these tutorials are geared toward middle level students (10-15 year olds). I will say I have had a few students who used the tutorials to refresh for the ACT, SAT, AP social studies courses, and even a few that found them helpful for undergraduate geography courses. Feel free to use them as I would love to know that they continue to help students learn.


  4. daveshields says:


    I just came across this site while reviewing recent WordPress blogs tagged “open-source”.

    I have a keen interest in educating educators about the merits of open-source and other open technologies, and am quite pleased to see sites such as this that advance the cause.

    Keep up the good work.


  5. […] My Other Sites « H I T – Hokanson’s Instructional Technology A lsit of several sites for educators maintained by educator and school technologist Neil Hokanson. (tags: education) […]

  6. Brad Kovach says:

    I clicked your Moodle link… Do you manage your Moodle installations, or did you outsource? Sadly our district outsourced because OS X server is a joke. Then I made a Ubuntu server and made multiple Moodle installations. Gary likes it a lot. Bart doesn’t (it wasn’t his idea).

    http://learn.lcsd2.org is the site.

  7. nhokanson says:

    Moodle is served via an educational service unit (#16) here in our beloved state! We are just getting started and they have been great to work with.

  8. hi this zach callahan i was a student from adams middle school in 8 grade but i moved to scottsbluff if u would like check out the website above to find out more loved adams middle school AND I WILL NEVER FORGET IT

  9. Amy Bradfield says:

    MR. HOKANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the heck are you?

    If you don’t remember me I was rarest (oh yeah!!!) and Cassidy Heiner was rainbow dash!!!

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