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ESU16 Meeting!!!

Posted: November 28, 2007 in Learning Communities

I had a wonderful time at the ESU16 meeting!!!  In Nebraska we have educational service units that provide various resources to schools and districts within their geographic area, and all of the units share resources along the way.  This was my first time meeting with these great people, and I appreciated all the new friends I met today.  I look forward to continued networking and meeting again in the future.

Early Childhood Resources PBWiki Page

Early Childhood Resources Wikispaces Page

Today is a continuing education day in our district and several offerings are on tap for staff to partake of (Several offerings are associated with Atomic Learning tutorials!):

Blogging (WordPress)

Web 2.0 (Vicki Davis)

Quia (Another Tutorial Resource:  Hot Potatoes)

Microsoft Office Word 2007

SMART Boards & CPS Clickers

Early Childhood & Technology Integration

The Dip is a glorious thing!  For those that aren’t familiar read this great little book.  Now, concerning the upside of the dip…  Once you have persevered, taken stock of your resources, gained strength in numbers, and anything else that helps for the climb on the other side of the dip, you will notice an interesting chain of events or reactions that begin to take place.  The load is a little lighter, the goal or goals more focused, things are bettered organized, and the steps are careful and more sure.  It feels good, really good.

My New iPod Touch

Posted: November 16, 2007 in iPod

Wednesday was my birthday and I received a 16GB iPod Touch! I am typing this post with it. What an amazing device!

I still exist…

Posted: November 14, 2007 in Educational Leadership

I am alive and well, but haven’t had the time to post lately. There is a lot to be accomplished right now and it is a monumental task, but it is all good. I talked about “The Dip” a few weeks ago, and that all holds true, but I continue to lean and grow. Peace!