Neil Hokanson

Neil Hokanson holds a bachelors degree in Education from the University of South Dakota (1993) and a masters degree in Education with a focus on Instructional Technology from the University of Wyoming (2006). Neil will begin his 24th year of working in public schools and taught in the public school system for 13 years at the middle and high school levels as a social studies teacher in South Dakota and Wyoming. He extensively integrated technology in his classrooms for several years and served as an instructor for many staff development courses and presentations in the districts he taught in. As a school technology specialist Neil has provided training, support, and assistance in helping educators integrate technology in all subject areas and grade levels. Neil served as the educational technology director for the North Platte Public Schools in Nebraska from 2007-2012.  He moved back to the classroom in the Fall of 2012 and embedded Android tablets, a BYOD networking solution, and created an extensive tutorial library at Hokanson’s American History in his Adams Middle School classroom.  In 2016, he moved back to his native state of Wyoming and the capital city of Cheyenne to begin teaching 7th grade World Geography at Johnson Junior High School. His new classroom site, Hokanson’s World Geography, is growing and improving each day. He is the proud husband of Dianna, a veteran speech-language pathologist, and father of 5 beautiful children: Hannah, Charlie, Ronan, Nicholas, and Heather.

Just for fun let’s dig deeper on this “About” page!  Neil was raised on a ranch in western Wyoming where he learned hard work and then more hard work!  Purebred Hereford cattle and, for a time, Holstein dairy cows, filled his life with plenty to do.  He trapped muskrats, worked part time at a cemetery, fished for cutthroat trout, and made a little cash on the side.  His greatest childhood memories are fishing with his Grandpa.  He can ride a horse, tell tall tales, and has his own registered brand (NH, registered in the state of Wyoming).  His Dad is one of the last real cowboys, and his Mom is British.  You could say Neil is half American and half British which means he is rude but very embarrassed about it!  Oh yeah, he met his wife, Dianna, cleaning toilets in War Memorial Stadium while at the University of Wyoming (there is so much truth to that it is somewhat unbelievable!).  🙂

This site is a compilation of research documents, texts, and resources gathered along the journey to find ways to help people learn more effectively in an ever changing world. What is shared is not always new, neither will it always be the first place one may have come across it, but the information is presented as the author is introduced to the many forms of technology that exist and are created in this wonderful, fascinating universe! Citations and referring links will be honored to the best of the author’s ability. Please inform of any omissions so that they can be corrected immediately. Enjoy!

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  1. megan reinhardt says:

    you are the greatest teacher i have ever had and i miss you so much but im so glad that your happy but you probably thought i was a bad student because it talked a llot in class every time i was in there and i just wanted to tell you that i will miss you so much i hope people can see this comment because i want to tell people that you are a great friend and teacher i could talk to so i hope you have luck were you are going to and i will tell people your website so have fun and good luck with your new job your going to i hope you find love and friends where your going so i just wanted to say good luck and i will miss you so much and maybe you will come and see us in the time you are here and tell us where your going.
    your old student Megan Reinhardt 7th grade and i hope you can show people what i wrote to show them how good of a guy you really are!!!!!

  2. Just so everyone knows, Megan is a wonderful student, and I never thought she talked too much! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words Megan, and I will try and stop in to see you all before I go. Keep studying and working hard so that you can achieve your goals. You have so much potential!!!

  3. Brad Kovach says:

    To have a biography written in 3rd person is evidence of reaching a higher level. You are now on a higher level.

  4. Scott Berglund says:

    Hi Neil,
    I don’t know if you remember me. I an an OT in the LCSD2 district and I coached your daughter in soccer and worked with your wife. I was just wondering if Hannah is still playing soccer and how Dianna is doing? I hope everything is going well. Your website is great.
    Scott Berglund OTR/L

  5. David says:

    Hi Neil,

    I’m the current lead developer for Tux Math and Tux Typing (and a dad of a fith-grader). I notice you have links to older versions of our programs, but you don’t appear to have our current web site, which is:


    We have just released new versions of both programs which reflect hard work by our Google Summer of Code students. Both programs have been very substantially improved.

    Best wishes,
    David Bruce

  6. Ashley Dale says:

    Hello, please may i use one of your images from your website, for my ICT GCSE project, only me and the examiner will see this image.
    Thank you

  7. Hi there,

    My name is Robert Bailly from CourseCracker.com and I was just on your personal website and noticed you have a “Bits and Pieces” page here: https://nhokanson.wordpress.com/my-other-sites/ containing some great educational resources. The sites mentioned are great, and inclusions are of course at your discretion, though we were respectfully wondering if you were familiar with our collaborative learning platform, CourseCracker.com as well, with regards to sharing information and improving communication between educators and students.

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    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards,
    Robert Bailly
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  8. Anonymous says:

    You tell tall tales? So you didn’t party with Prince Like it was 1999? =) LL

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