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This is a great interactive history map: Digital History Interactive Map!


Posted: August 24, 2008 in Education, School 2.0
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What are some good alternative mp3 players?  We have several iPods in our district, but there are some staff that simply need a no nonsense, simple mp3 player for students to listen to audio books, etc.  An inexpensive price would be nice, and the software needs to be user friendly too.  Please share any suggestions or experience you have concerning alternative mp3 players.  Thanks.


Interesting New York Times article, read on at the following link:  “At School, Technology Starts to Turn a Corner.”

Welcome Back to School!!!

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Education, School

The August round of tech classes have concluded and several teachers are off and running with some new and improved skills. We focused on blogging and determined that offers the best utilities when it comes to allowing and monitoring student blogs. The podcasting class looked a the basics of creating podcasts in either First Class, with an iPod and Belkin TuneTalk microphone, and through directly recording into Audacity. Our video class reviewed the keys to basic video taping, and we explored different types of cameras and how to transfer these various formats to a computer then edit them in Windows Movie Maker. In the digital storytelling class we used Photo Story 3 to capture pictures and developed ways to use this program at various grade levels and subject areas.  See an example, created by our foundation director Deb Smith, below:

After a nice vacation, I am back in business and getting ready for a new school year. To start things off right we are getting a head start with some professional development focusing on blogging, podcasting, digital storytelling, and video. All teachers arrive back next week with students starting the week after. I look forward to this new school year and the exciting progression I know we will make on all levels!