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Nebraska Educational Technology Association (NETA) 2012 Resources & Information

Thursday April 26th, 2012

Keynote:  Trends, Tools, and Tactics for 21st Century Learning – Kevin Honeycutt,%20Tools%20%26%20Tactics.pdf

Other presentations…

iPads in the Classroom – Tammy Worcester

Equipment – iPad Doc Connector ($25); Belkin Flip KVM Switch ($29)

Before they Click – Kevin Honeycutt

See eBook Preview on site

Analog Twitter – How are you today?

10 Free Tools to use Tomorrow – Pam Krambeck

Blended Learning – Craig Hicks

Flipped Classroom Resources – Ginny Gustad

Camtasia Studio

Show Me app


Other Presentation:

Google is the New Angel – Janelle Coady

Totally integrated, public for students and parents can set things to private

Friday April 27th, 2012

Keynote:  It’s About TIME! – Tammy Worcester

Show Me

Postcard app

Going Digital – Travis Allen

List of apps and resources to solve education challenges (paperless, grading, gaming, tutorials, etc.)

Going paperless…

Idea Sketch

Phone Drive

Cinex Player

Go Docs (Google Apps)

Paper Helper

Scratch Work

Cram Berry

Study Blue (Cross Platform)

Sundry Notes

aNote (Awesome Note)

Achiever’s Writing Station

Gaming…there have always been distractions -> it’s about engagement…

Stealth Learning (Learning when you don’t realize it)


PLC Tips for a Generative Environment for Peers – Dale Holt & Jarrod Rowe

Red Cat microphone (portable mics)

10 Apps/Projects for Social Studies Classroom – Greg Miller

Virtual Scrapbooks – time period journals

Roaring 20s Newsreels

Westward Infomercials

1960s-90s Event Glogster – recommend assigning fictional characters

Classroom Webpage/Interactive Activity Days

Fake Facebook Page – an event, person, etc.

Chrome Coordinates

Art Project by Google

Virtual Tours

Google Earth – flight simulator

Google App – Ancient History Encyclopedia

Google Apps – USE THEM!

Edmodo, Social Media & Classroom Management – Richard Gilson

Have You Got the Itch for New Software?  Scratch! – R. (Dick) Gottner


Share your ideas!

Gamification Infographic

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

I purchased the new iPad the day it was announced and have had it for a couple of weeks now.  In that time I have been searching for a case and have had several people ask what case I might recommend.  To save some time I am writing this post to be able to refer my educational colleagues and friends for more info.  Reviewing cases is easier said than done without some hands on experience, and I have not witnessed many cases as of yet.  Nevertheless, I have viewed some particular cases online and here are those that catch my eye (One I have since purchased…).  Remember, these are probably more to my taste; so, if you have other cases that appeal to you please share in the comments:

Saddleback Leather Company:  Growing up on a ranch in western Wyoming has led me to the desire to have one of these cases!









Targus Versavu:  I purchased this one as I could get my hands on it and needed something to get by for now.  I also purchased their stylus.  I like the case, but I am finding the “stand” feature, first position near the edge often allows the iPad to slip out and drop down flat.  Just a warning to those that may be considering this particular make and model.








Pad and Quill Contega:  This appears to be a very nice case that offers a combination of wood and leather.  There are other models available.






Portenzo Tuju:  Another handmade, wood, and leather case.








iSkin Aura 2:  Boasts compatibility with the new iPad.






Otterbox Defender:  This is a very rugged case.  We have used these in our district, and they are great if you want extra protection.



60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds
Infographic by- Shanghai Web Designers