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A few odds and ends keep showing up on my blog as I share examples of how to blog in various professional development workshops that I am facilitating this June.  We are podcasting, blogging, doing digital storytelling, video conferencing, trying out online tools, and experimenting with several tech gadgets including the Wii.  We have also been involved in Quest Atlantis professional development too.  It has been quite rewarding so far, and I myself have learned so much.  Our training resources can be found at one of my wikis:  HIT – Hokanson’s Instructional Technology Wiki. Enjoy!

As with anything to do with exercise you have to do it!

The Truth About Wii Fit And Weight Loss” Forbes

The following is an interesting article at Absolute Gadget:  “Wii Fit helps paralysed girl to walk again.”

On a somewhat related note, BYU (Go Pokes, beat BYU!!!) has released a study on gaming (causation/correlation, I think correlation):  “Y. student researches effects of video games.”

Johnny Lee shares his creation of a low cost multi-point interactive whiteboard using the Wiimote:

Warioland Shake It…

Posted: September 28, 2008 in Gaming, Just For Fun, Wii

This is a fun way to promote an upcoming Wii game:  Warioland Shake It.  Watch the YouTube page get destroyed and look out for cracks in your screen!  Enjoy!!!