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60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds
Infographic by- Shanghai Web Designers

I had four wonderful middle schoolers create a digital story in my presence the past few days. If the video below is blocked: click here to download and view!


Also, the awesome first graders finished their slideshows!!! See the previous post for the updates!!!

Heather Cast My daughter Heather and I have continued our podcasting adventure with two new tales for your listening pleasure. The purpose of this is two-fold: Heather and I are having fun sharing our tales for posterity, and we are providing some examples for a creating and publishing online media class! I plan to tweak these podcasts using Audacity and spicing them up a bit with music, pictures, etc. We shall see what comes to pass. The fun part of publishing online is the ability to be creative with what you want to share and how you want to share it. For instance, an actual “Heather Tale” web page or blog would be a great repository for these tales. The whole idea is to generate ideas with your “stars/students” and audience; so, let Heather and I know what we could do to jazz up our podcasts, and in the meantime enjoy our raw, unedited tales as told in real life! 😉

A Brand New Heather Tale (As of about 9:30 p.m.)

Heather’s Tale

Daddio’s Tale

I’m off to Kansas City for an Infinite Campus “meeting” (I have to travel on Super Bowl Sunday & will miss it!!!) and am placing a couple of podcasts here for my Heather to listen to while I am away! Heather’s brother Nicholas and I began a tradition a few years ago of making up and telling dragon tales for our bedtime stories. In recent years Heather has added pony tales to the mix. We have begun to record our tales as they need to be saved for posterity and for the listening enjoyment of others! 🙂 We are simply using a Video iPod and a Griffin iTalk to record our tales. I load the .wav files into iTunes and convert them to mp3; so, nothing fancy here as of yet. Enjoy!

Heather’s Tale

Daddio’s Tale

Sprout Sprout is a new way to produce interactive content online. Here is what they say at their site:

How It Works

“With Sprout, you can create sophisticated and dynamic interactive content with sprout in three steps, as follows:”


“Building a sprout is easy. Choose from dozens of pre-built templates or start from scratch. Drag-and-drop shapes, text, images, video, and more. Then add components such as slideshows, jukeboxes, and countdown clocks, as well as interactive services such as chat (Meebo), phone (Ribbit), fundraising (ChipIn), and more. Once you’ve got your content in place, use advanced editing and navigation tools to perfect your sprout.”


“Publishing your sprout is easy, too! Just click “publish” and then cut and paste your sprout code into any Web page, or use the “quick post” feature to automatically place your sprout into blogs and social networking sites. For more advanced options, publish your sprout via any of our distribution partners, including Clearspring, Gigya, and Spring Widgets.”


“Once your sprout is published, your audience can copy and spread it to their Web pages and communities. You can then track usage stats such as how many copies were made, how many times your sprout was viewed, and more. You can also edit your Sprout, and ALL copies of your sprout will be instantly updated! Add or change content as needed to keep your audience engaged and informed.”


“Sprout’s mission is to make it quick and easy for anyone to build sophisticated multimedia web content.”

I’m going to give it a try. Share what you create here!!!

I am teaching a workshop on creating and publishing media online.  The following are some online resources that I have found to be good places to post content.  What are some that you all recommend?


Google Video





School Notes