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Discovered this great resource from the University of Indiana today called Virtual Congress.  After signing up for a FREE account and downloading the software, I was able to wander the grounds and begin exploring the inner chambers of the virtual version of the United States Congress.

Link here:  Virtual Congress

If you are familiar with Quest Atlantis, another wonderful virtual learning world, you will find Virtual Congress familiar in respect to how the world is set up and the movements you can make.  You do have the ability to register students into the world and to set up your class(es) so that you can visit and do a variety of activities from creating a bill to attending hearings and sessions of Virtual Congress.  At the time of my visit there was nothing scheduled and no other “people” around, but I plan to explore this resource in the future.

Give it a try!


UP turns rail yard training into virtual reality” North Platte Bulletin

“How does a 147-year-old railroad company reach out to its modern-era new employees? One answer has turned out to be video simulation that mimics the virtual world of today’s video games.”

Vbox Read the lifehacker article “Run Windows Apps Seamlessly Inside Linux” for those who absolutely have to use some Windows only apps! 😉

Kevin Purdy states: “You love working inside your Linux desktop, but at the most inconvenient times you’ve got to reboot into Windows—whether to open a tricky Office file, try out a Windows application, or even just play a quick game. However, with some free tools and a Windows installation disk, you can have Windows apps running right on your Linux desktop and sharing the same desktop files. It’s relatively painless, it takes only a little bit longer than a Windows XP install, and it works just like virtualizing Windows on a Mac with Parallels Coherence—except it’s free. Here’s how to set up Windows inside VirtualBox, and then get Windows apps running seamlessly inside your desktop.”

Read on, follow the instructions, and you will be in business (for FREE!!!). I know, you will have to purchase a copy of Windows!