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I put together the following short video to show some teachers how they could extend information found on bulletin boards outside their classrooms.  It is my tribute to all veterans on this upcoming Veteran’s Day…


We spent part of Saturday at the Nebraskaland Days Parade.  The following is footage utilizing the new Kodak camera that we are trying out.  The NPHS band is the featured entry in the video!

PrismPrism video conversion software is a free video file format converter for Windows. It can convert video files from avi, divX, mpg, vob, wmv (Windows Media Video formats), 3gp (mobile phone format) and more into avi, asf or wmv files. It can also convert your DVD discs into many different formats.

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They also have a FREE audio converter: Switch Audio File Conversion Software

This appears to have wonderful possibilities for Windows users! I use QuickTime Pro for most of these features on a Mac. Enjoy!

digital camera Josh Catone is a lead author at Read/WriteWeb and he offers up the following article titled “Video Editing 2.0: 8 Ways to Remix Online Videos.” Josh presents several “online video editing tools” that I believe have possibilities for the education community. Take a look, and let us know if you try or have tried any of them out!