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6th Grade Concert:Adams Middle School Concert

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8th Grade Concert – November 5, 2009 Adams Middle School Fall Concert

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NPHS Jazz Ensemble Concert 12/15/2009

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NPHS Symphonic Band concert 12/15/2009

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music_bandThe following are two interesting articles from Science Daily:

Music Education Can Help Children Improve Reading Skills

Social Skills, Extracurricular Activities In High School Pay Off Later In Life

As educators we already know this, but it is always good to have research to help back it up!

South Pacific North Platte High School students’ hard work and practice is paying off as they perform their musical “South Pacific.” The amazing cast has been working since December to share a wonderful performance of the Rogers and Hammerstein classic. One of the great cast members is my own Hannah Hokanson!!!

The musical is directed by Leah Purdy and performances are March 7th and 8th at 7:30 p.m. and March 9th at 2:00 p.m. in the North Platte High School Performing Arts Center. Read the following newspaper article for more information: “High School prepares South Pacific


Thanks to all who have supported this blog and especially to those who helped me get started (It is hard to believe it will soon be a year since H I T began!). I look forward to a renewed body of work and a continued sharing of bits and pieces that I find interesting, innovative, and helpful. Peace to you all!!!

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NPHS Mixed Choir “Amazing Grace” (10/16/2007)

Great Platte River Road Archway Slideshow (11/2/2007)

Making Corn Husk Dolls 4th Grade Field Trip (11/2/2007)

Native American Pictographs Podcast (11/2/2007)

Native American Sign Language and Pictographs (View at TeacherTube)

NPHS Marching Band We attended the first football game of the season this evening and the North Platte High School Bulldogs defeated Columbus!!! The marching band performed very well playing the national anthem and two songs during halftime. Our daughter Hannah played her trombone in excellent fashion along with her wonderful band mates. Mr. Bradley has done a great job in bringing this group together and forming a wonderful team of budding musicians.

It has been a full week in the district with all of the teachers back and ready for students to arrive this coming Monday.  I use the term “ready” loosely as we all know we are never ready, especially when it comes to the technology department.  😉 Nevertheless, we will make the best of our situations and welcome those bright shining faces into the schools and classrooms in the coming days.  I sense and see great things happening here in our part of the world, and I hope to share our challenges and inevitable successes as the year progresses.   Test scores are up in the district, and the hard work of students, staff, and parents is paying off.  We must not rest on our laurels but must continue to be committed to continual improvement.  It is a pleasure to be here and to work with such a dedicated group of people that are working together to make this a special place to be and visit.

I also had the opportunity to meet two of my son’s teachers today, and I am thankful for their service and choice to be involved in the education of my children.  Teaching is a noble profession, and I admire those who have taken on its charge.  I am thankful each day to work with such wonderful people!

Please enjoy this short clip of our own North Platte High School Marching Band!!!

Tonight (5/9/2007) I had the pleasure of attending the Star Valley Middle and High School end of the year concert! My daughter Hannah is the wonderful brunette trombone player in the high school concert band! 🙂 Check out a couple of selections below:

Concert Band

Jazz Band

Edubuntu I have been fiddling around with an Edubuntu 6.10 install for the past few months. Edubuntu comes with a superior educational program with applications for young children called GCompris. One of my problems was getting the children’s software GCompris to work without crashing. The simple solution was bringing up the terminal and typing in “gcompris -x.” Easy, but frustrating if you don’t know!!! The GCompris software is excellent for young children. There are so many applications from matching, counting, to problem solving, and more. Now that I have it running, I will have my soon to be 4 year old daughter try out the “games” to test them. My other 4 children will want to try too! It is nice having a test lab and subjects built in at home 😉 !!!

GComprisMy experiment for the day is to get Edubuntu running on an old Power Mac 5500. I am downloading the Edubuntu .iso image to create a live CD, and then I will be off to the races. So many times I have watched legacy hardware lined up in the “boiler room” to be taken away for salvage (most of the time to the landfill!!!), and I honestly believe that in a school we can find continued life for old computers. Edubuntu is one of the answers to extend the life of some of these machines. I realize there comes a time when the value of maintaining legacy equipment is not cost effective, but I also believe we must get the most out of the tax dollars that fund technology in our schools. If we can take old iMacs and install Edubuntu on them and put them to good use in K-3 classrooms, for instance, why not do it!?!

Please share your utilization of legacy hardware and any experience using Edubuntu in the process. Also, what are your experiences using GCompris in the classroom? Inquiring minds would like to know!

Hannah Marching Band My two oldest children, Hannah (a freshman trombone player and beautiful choir singer) and Charlie (5th grade guitar player), are budding musicians. School is where they have engaged in this opportunity, and research shows the benefits on academic performance for students involved in music education programs (NAMM). I was, for a time, a trumpet player, and my wife played an alto sax throughout her school years. Music is an important part of our lives and the iPods and other music making/playing devices that inhabit our home are in heavy use.

Charlie Guitar I recently read an article at eSchool News Online (Requires FREE registration to read full articles.) about music education and Web 2.0 titled “Music education moves online.” The information included several online and software programs that enable collaboration amongst musicians. I have also included a link to an excellent software program that I purchased for my son’s guitar practice sessions: Guitar Shed.



In The Chair


I am interested in learning about valuable online resources that music educators use to supplement their instruction or to enrich student practice. Please share!

UPDATE!!! I was informed of a new product (see comments) called StarPlay that is in its beta version and can be tried for FREE. The following video explains StarPlay’s benefits: