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Our local Waldenbooks is closing, is closed, it’s going away, gone.  We are in a changing world where media has become available at the click of a mouse.  I can’t say I don’t understand why the store has closed.  Trends seem to make this inevitable especially in small town America.  So, what to do?

We still have a library if you want a good book, and the library card is cheap!  My kids love to go to the public library.  They also loved to go to Waldenbooks, but those days are over.  Our family has a Barnes & Noble account online, and we order books from Amazon, etc., but there is something about the tactile process of perusing a new book.  It gives you time to get the idea of what it is about, it stimulates your imagination as you look at the cover art, and now we will have to drive several miles to get that opportunity.  Sure there is a used bookstore in town; yes, there are new books at Walmart, but well, you know.

I grew up in a place where there was no bookstore.  The library was “the bookstore” and it was a 15 mile drive one way, but my Mom took us there, often.  I spent time in schools that had huge libraries compared to the middle school and elementary libraries my children attend today.  My home has more books, on shelves, available to my two youngest kids than they have at their elementary school.  So, what’s my point?

Waldenbooks has closed, and I think maybe the library might too!  Oh it won’t happen all at once, but the Kindle and other handheld devices are bringing a slow death to the printed word.  Is this bad?  If the power goes out, yes!  That will never happen:  Haiti.  Not every child has access to a Kindle nor can go to a Waldenbooks or Barnes & Noble, but for now they can go to the library.  As we know there are more than books, there are computers hooked to the internet, and there are people.  The greatest resource are the people.  Hopefully, if a kid lives 15 miles away they have a mom, dad, grandparent, someone who will take them there, to the library.  Hopefully.


school_tech_toolsThe following is a list of sites that have been shared with me over the past several days.  Generally, you will see all kinds of findings in my Delicious links on the top right hand side of this blog.  Enjoy!

What to read?

Library Thing Suggest

What Should I Read Next?




That Quiz Math Test Activities (Science & Geography too!)

Social Studies/Current Events

Know Thy Congressman


National Geographic Little Kids


NSF Scrub Club


Digital Citizenship

Creative Thinking Home

World Languages

Foreign Internet Radio

Virtual Field Trips (All Subjects)


The following are videos produced by Mrs. Foster and her 4th grade students to show how they learned by using technology this school year! Enjoy!


Computer Lab and Media Center

Clickers and Webcam

Chalkboard and Spelling Aces


Digital Kids

Teachers and Parents read the following CNET articles:

Savvy teachers use the Net to engage students (Reuters Article)

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Digital Citizenship and Safety sites:

Be Web Aware

Media Awareness Network

Kids’ Rules for Online Safety

The Skinny on a Good Media Diet for Your Kids


Sites for Kids:

ALA Great Web Sites for Kids


Yahoo Kids

Ask for Kids

Various post around the web have featured the following visual/graphical search tools (I guess that is what you call them). 😉 Try them out and let us know if they are useful. My first thought was they could be distracting to someone who has a difficult time focusing.  I like the opportunity they provide in making the various connections, but I need to figure out how I would integrate these features into a classroom setting. What would you do?

Quintura for Kids

The Internet Public Library The Internet Public Library is a varied store of information from around the web. It has a section titled “Teach with the IPL” with PowerPoint presentations and suggestions on how teachers and students can use this resource.

This article, “Which Wiki is Right for You?,” gives an excellent summary on the various wiki choices out there.  Happy reading!!!

A couple of librarian tools from Google that everyone will find helpful include:

Google’s Librarian Central Tools Page

Google’s Librarian Central Blog

These sites and MANY other links serve as excellent resources to gain the most from using Google as a search option. The FREE librarian newsletter is great, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feeds. Being a librarian is NOT required to use these wonderful tools!!!

While you are at it try Google for Educators too!!!