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I purchased the new iPad the day it was announced and have had it for a couple of weeks now.  In that time I have been searching for a case and have had several people ask what case I might recommend.  To save some time I am writing this post to be able to refer my educational colleagues and friends for more info.  Reviewing cases is easier said than done without some hands on experience, and I have not witnessed many cases as of yet.  Nevertheless, I have viewed some particular cases online and here are those that catch my eye (One I have since purchased…).  Remember, these are probably more to my taste; so, if you have other cases that appeal to you please share in the comments:

Saddleback Leather Company:  Growing up on a ranch in western Wyoming has led me to the desire to have one of these cases!









Targus Versavu:  I purchased this one as I could get my hands on it and needed something to get by for now.  I also purchased their stylus.  I like the case, but I am finding the “stand” feature, first position near the edge often allows the iPad to slip out and drop down flat.  Just a warning to those that may be considering this particular make and model.








Pad and Quill Contega:  This appears to be a very nice case that offers a combination of wood and leather.  There are other models available.






Portenzo Tuju:  Another handmade, wood, and leather case.








iSkin Aura 2:  Boasts compatibility with the new iPad.






Otterbox Defender:  This is a very rugged case.  We have used these in our district, and they are great if you want extra protection.



Interesting graphic comparing iPad textbook costs and traditional textbooks…

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iPads vs. Textbooks
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