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16% of Cell Phones Have Poop on Them


The following is a new link to our school district internet safety and digital citizenship resources:

As I glance over previous posts I notice that my forays into digital citizenship and internet safety are quite popular.  A few years ago I actually put together a resource site on the topics for my school district, and a Google search for these topics together find that resource at or near the top of the list.  I will soon retire that resource as it is too difficult to keep updated in its current form.  I have put together a new version of those resources:  Hokanson’s Cyber Smart Corner.

Finding good resources on the web can be a tedious task, and finding the time to do so as a teacher is a challenge.  One of my goals is to provide resources I find useful for the classroom to as many people that I can, and sometimes I’m good at it and most times I am in need of improvement.  There is obviously a demand for digital citizenship and internet safety resources; so, I hope my new Cyber Smart Corner fills those needs better.

The main purpose for the resources I share are to provide lesson plans for teachers and online activities for students to practice these valuable skills necessary to navigate this digital world.  Countless others have created these utilities, and I am simply gathering them in to one useful space.  I am always interested in finding new resources; so, please share items you find valuable that can be added for everyone to utilize.


Over three years ago I began collecting internet safety and digital citizenship resources to share with staff in my school district.  I have created a new blog that brings these resources together for all to use:  Cyber Smart Corner.  The information is divided by grade level, and includes secondary resources appropriate for middle and high school aged students (UPDATE 9/21/2010 I have now added a specific “high school” category).  Please add additional resources to the “Comments” post on the site.


school_tech_toolsThe following is a list of sites that have been shared with me over the past several days.  Generally, you will see all kinds of findings in my Delicious links on the top right hand side of this blog.  Enjoy!

What to read?

Library Thing Suggest

What Should I Read Next?




That Quiz Math Test Activities (Science & Geography too!)

Social Studies/Current Events

Know Thy Congressman


National Geographic Little Kids


NSF Scrub Club


Digital Citizenship

Creative Thinking Home

World Languages

Foreign Internet Radio

Virtual Field Trips (All Subjects)


UPDATE! (6/9/2011)  The following link will take you to my new digital citizenship and internet safety resource site that provides resources divided by grade level (K-12):  Be Cyber Intelligent.

Digital citizenship and internet safety are important topics to address with students. There are several online resources for varying ages that have excellent information, activities, and support to address these issues.


X-BLOCK (iSafe kids zone)



KSU Digital Citizenship



Safe Surfin Foundation

The following are good for elementary age students:


McGruff Internet Safety


Disney Online Safety

Privacy Playground

AT&T Internet Safety Connections Game

Growing With Technology

Kidz Privacy

CyberSmart Activities

I have gone through the process of writing a new AUP for my school district. I wanted to share some of the resources that I used along the way. The challenge has been to include Web 2.0 technologies into the mix of things while leaving some flexibility to mature and grow with these ever changing tools. What have you done in your districts to meet your AUP challenges?

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

Institute of Educational Sciences United States Department of Education

United States Copyright Office

United States Department of Education Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

United States Department of Justice (ECPA)

Had a great day at NETA yesterday.  Excellent breakout sessions, good networking, and there are some great things going on around the state.  I hope to get to the vendor floor to look at the various offerings in more detail today.  I am hoping to get to some digital citizenship sessions today to bring back information  to our district.  Again, my notes can be found at my PBWiki:

Space I thought this picture was great (Click it to see it bigger or go here), and it caused me to reflect on us down here on the good planet earth. I have been quite busy it seems for the past year, and as over 600 articles pile up in my RSS reader, as April 15th looms closer and closer (It is my youngest daughter’s birthday too so I’m excited about that part), and as life seems to zip by at an ever increasing pace it takes a picture from space to give a little bit of perspective from up so high to way down there or here depending upon if you are in the space station or not. If I do have readers on the space station, thanks for stopping by during your busy schedules and I would recommend that you not stop by anymore and just stay focused on your space station duties! 😉

Speaking of time, I have been debating what I could enroll myself in via MIT’s Open Courseware. What a great opportunity, as there are with many universities now. A visit to iTunes U opens up many lessons to be had and learned. That is what I like about this “new” world, it is smaller, flatter, and it is easier to get around. It brings us closer together, if we make time to do so. That is what I need to do: make the time, shape the time, capture the time. A focus on things that matter most is the key. Peace!

Also, go here if you haven’t as of yet (PBS Frontline special “Growing Up Online”).  We really need to address digital citizenship!  Things are happening each day and we need to help young people navigate this digital world.

PBS Frontline special (Can be viewed online at the program web site):  “Growing Up Online.”

I was reading Julie Lindsay’s E-Learning Blog and watched the following video she shares on mobile computing.  This is a very interesting and enlightening presentation.  Enjoy!


Digital Kids

Teachers and Parents read the following CNET articles:

Savvy teachers use the Net to engage students (Reuters Article)

The ABCs of learning online

Summer’s here, the Web surfing’s fine

When digital kids rule the classroom

Developing safe and smart Internet citizens

Digital Citizenship and Safety sites:

Be Web Aware

Media Awareness Network

Kids’ Rules for Online Safety

The Skinny on a Good Media Diet for Your Kids


Sites for Kids:

ALA Great Web Sites for Kids


Yahoo Kids

Ask for Kids

Classroom The new teachers arrived today for training, and it was great to meet these energetic, dynamic, and wonderful souls! From veterans to brand new teachers I was impressed by their excitement to be here and their desire to do their best. Tomorrow will be my first meeting with all staff, and I am excited to share what I hope we can accomplish this new school year. It is definitely a time of renewal, and the feeling of learning is in the air!

Here is a video clip from the local, nightly news showcasing our new teachers and the new educational technology specialist in the district. 🙂