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Interesting article on trends in instructional technology and devices used in education found at The Atlantic:  Read full story here…

Great picts of Apple prototypes and models from the 1980s:


I purchased the new iPad the day it was announced and have had it for a couple of weeks now.  In that time I have been searching for a case and have had several people ask what case I might recommend.  To save some time I am writing this post to be able to refer my educational colleagues and friends for more info.  Reviewing cases is easier said than done without some hands on experience, and I have not witnessed many cases as of yet.  Nevertheless, I have viewed some particular cases online and here are those that catch my eye (One I have since purchased…).  Remember, these are probably more to my taste; so, if you have other cases that appeal to you please share in the comments:

Saddleback Leather Company:  Growing up on a ranch in western Wyoming has led me to the desire to have one of these cases!









Targus Versavu:  I purchased this one as I could get my hands on it and needed something to get by for now.  I also purchased their stylus.  I like the case, but I am finding the “stand” feature, first position near the edge often allows the iPad to slip out and drop down flat.  Just a warning to those that may be considering this particular make and model.








Pad and Quill Contega:  This appears to be a very nice case that offers a combination of wood and leather.  There are other models available.






Portenzo Tuju:  Another handmade, wood, and leather case.








iSkin Aura 2:  Boasts compatibility with the new iPad.






Otterbox Defender:  This is a very rugged case.  We have used these in our district, and they are great if you want extra protection.



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iPads vs. Textbooks
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iPad not so good for…

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Apple, Humor, News, Tech Tools, Technology

Apple creates superior software, and this has been reaffirmed with the new copy of iLife ’09 that I recently installed.  iPhoto has been my first endeavor with the software, and this evening I created a slide show using photos from our fishing adventures this past Saturday.  I am yet to find any software on the Windows or Linux side of things that even come close to the crisp, sleek, and semi-professional projects one can produce with iLife products in a few simple clicks.  The following video is my first slide show produced with iLife ’09’s iPhoto. Enjoy!

I stand in my first visit to an Apple Store in Kansas City, Missouri.  I type this on a Mac Pro. The new Mac Book Air is very elegant, but I’ll wait for it to become better.  I eyed an iMac that I plan to purchase for my kids.  That is all. NH 

iPod TouchAs did many others, I updated my iPod Touch today with the new features. I had not expected the $19.99 update but reluctantly paid for apps I had hoped for on the iPod Touch. I really like the addition of mail and notes, and these are features that I know I will use repeatedly. I wish for a working Flash player as I browse the web, and I believe such a player is needed especially if one is inclined to use this device in a classroom setting. Where I am, we have the standard online assessments that I would like to try out on the iPod Touch; however, without Flash, accessing the assessments are limited. I see this as the type of device that will become prevalent in the near future, and if affordable may become the answer to portability challenges schools face when it comes to sharing limited computing equipment. What do you think?

The new iPod Touch with wifi and internet capabilities seems like a handheld device that may have come to the right place at the right time. I can already imagine several ways of using this device in classrooms from research to assessment. What do you think? Does the iPod Touch’s form factor and capabilities make it practical for use in a classroom setting? Sound off, the debate is on!

iPod Touch