As I glance over previous posts I notice that my forays into digital citizenship and internet safety are quite popular.  A few years ago I actually put together a resource site on the topics for my school district, and a Google search for these topics together find that resource at or near the top of the list.  I will soon retire that resource as it is too difficult to keep updated in its current form.  I have put together a new version of those resources:  Hokanson’s Cyber Smart Corner.

Finding good resources on the web can be a tedious task, and finding the time to do so as a teacher is a challenge.  One of my goals is to provide resources I find useful for the classroom to as many people that I can, and sometimes I’m good at it and most times I am in need of improvement.  There is obviously a demand for digital citizenship and internet safety resources; so, I hope my new Cyber Smart Corner fills those needs better.

The main purpose for the resources I share are to provide lesson plans for teachers and online activities for students to practice these valuable skills necessary to navigate this digital world.  Countless others have created these utilities, and I am simply gathering them in to one useful space.  I am always interested in finding new resources; so, please share items you find valuable that can be added for everyone to utilize.



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