The following are some quick tutorials I created to help people out with some new features and settings in Skype and how to utilize a neat tool, YouTube Downloader, to download video and convert video too.  I also threw in a tutorial on iSpring Free that allows you to make a flash video of a PowerPoint presentation:

skype-iconSkype Screen Sharing Feature

skype-iconSafe Skype Settings

youtube-downloader-iconYouTube Downloader the Basics

ispring-iconiSpring Free PowerPoint Plugin


  1. Ok, I watched your video on iSpring and Youtube downloader. I am still not sure how to convert the flash video created with iSpring from Powerpoint to another form. I get a folder with three files, one with the title, one that says index, and one that says fixprompt. All I get are error messages when I try to convert any of these. So…I am missing a step somewhere, can you help?

  2. nhokanson says:

    I don’t know of a free way to convert .swf video files that are created via iSpring Free. What I do with .swf files is place them on a server and then link to them from a web page or blog post. You could try doing an online conversion at this site: (You may need to convert to .avi and then convert that to .wmv with YouTube Downloader. Let me know if it works.


  3. Thank you, I am giving that a try now. It seems to be working out, but the free service is very slow. If it works, perhaps I will invest in a membership. I was thrilled to learn about the Youtube converter program as it solved a problem I was having with MOV files, from my Flip cameras. The convert very nicely to wmv so they can be edited with Movie Maker.
    Perhaps I should tell you what my main project is and you might have a solution for me. I am trying to convert PowerPoint presentations to podcasts. They are basicly just vocabulary flash cards for my students. I already have them as Google doc presentations on my website, but wanted to see if I could make them more portable. If you know of an easy way to do that, please let me know.
    Thanks again!

  4. nhokanson says:

    The easiest way to convert .ppt files would be by uploading them to then you can embed the slideshare code into a blog post or simply provide a link to the page so students can go through your flashcards. See this post: (Slideshare offers a free subscription!).

  5. Thanks for your help, I will check it out.

  6. I think I found a solution to my problem…I downloaded this program,
    the free version and although it is a bit slow, it does convert Powerpoint to mpg4 which can be downloaded to iPod. The only drawback is that the free version leaves their web address across the top of the video, so know I have to decide if it is worth it to spend the money and get the full version of the program.

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