Healing takes time…

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Reflection

I am just over a month away from when I broke my arm and I can say that I am slowly healing.  It is so frustrating at times to expect an appendage to do something that you are used to having it do and it can’t, for now.  I have come to the realization that time will heal this wound, but on a time scale that I cannot dictate.  Patience is a learning process for me, and I now have a good lesson to teach me.  For those that have requested, here is an okay copy of my xray before my operations.  I go for a checkup on August 3rd in Omaha to see how things are progressing.  For now I just keep on keeping on!  Peace everyone.  I’ll be back in the saddle again sometime soon; so, yes I am going to make it and no you can’t have my saddle!  😉


That's nasty!!!

That's nasty!!!


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