picture-2Life is learning and I have been gaming in my life since 1965!  Sure, some of my first games utilized low tech items, but hey, I’m a gamer.  Later in life the Sears catalog had an awesome “Electronic Football Game” that I saved up for and purchased on my next trip to a Sears located over 200 miles away.  Pong, the Atari 2600, so on and so forth, fell into my hands at my home or at my friend’s homes.  We gamed, we played, we had fun, and we learned. In the early 80s, while in high school, we got computers in the building and sure enough found games.  So why is gaming such a pariah in education?  There are games:  addition, subtraction, spelling, multiple choice type games that are deemed acceptable in the sense that they are the extension of the worksheet (my words, my belief).  Digital games are so rich today.  They were rich way back when, but for some reason we can’t seem to stomach the fact that our kids are gaming and learning so much more in those games than they often do in school.  I have spent the past few weeks going through the professional development for Quest Atlantis, and this Thursday I will get my “class.”  I am ready to game like never before at school, with students, every chance I get. What about reading?  We will do it.  What about writing?  We will do it. What about arithmetic?  We will do it.  We will do it in games.  Come along for the ride, and build the research while you play.  The students want to and so should you!

The following link will take you to some games I have been playing with students this school year, and with my own kids before that!

Gaming Research (Yes, there is so much more!!!)

UPDATE:  The following article lists several of the games that I remember when I had more time to get my game on ;-):  GameSpy PC The Greatest PC Games of All Time: The ’80s.  The choices have only become better!


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