I have had the Flip Ultra and RCA Small Wonder digital camcorders since this past summer, and I like various features of both cameras; however, in the end I decided that the Small Wonder is the best of the two for educational purposes because of its ability to take digital still pictures as well as video.

The following is an introduction and getting started video that I created for staff members:

I also have a video tutorial on how to access video and pictures from the Small Wonder without utilizing the camera’s software as this is a better way for students and educators to get to their content without having to have software installed (The software is on the camera; so, it can be installed directly from the Small Wonder if needed.):

Getting to the media of the RCA Small Wonder

RCA Small Wonder EZ205 Spec Page

RCA Small Wonder Support Page

  1. Tom says:

    Sweet camera! A little bird told me that you have one for all the schools! I’ll be over to pick up Cody’s camera tomorrow!

  2. Kathy says:

    Nice introduction. I just got mine, I am getting to much light exposure. How do I avoid this problem?

  3. Forest Royse says:

    Hey, I saw your EZ205 Introduction video on YouTube. It’s a little fuzzy but has really nice production overall. I’m considering buying one of these cameras as a gift. I’ve searched the internet and can’t find any sample photos taken with this camera to determine if the image quality is decent. Could you possibly post or e-mail me a few sample images? It would be really helpful. Thanks.

  4. nhokanson says:

    The video for the Small Wonder is for staff members and students in our school district. The idea behind using this camera is an easy to utilize and kid friendly camera that can capture events and be used to create products in an education setting.

  5. drecruits says:

    I was having problems finding the memory manager software. Yours was the only blog that had a link back to it. Thank you!

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