I loaded Open Office 3.0 on my iMac a couple of weeks ago as my copy of Microsoft Office (link to Mac Version) is acting up. Now, the official release of Open Office 3.0 is out, and the web is buzzing with information. Open Office is an open source office suite similar to Microsoft Office (link to Windows Version).  The price is right with Open Office and its features are rich and usable.  I was unaware of the extensions that can be utilized within Open Office until reading the following article:  9 Must-Have OpenOffice Extensions.  Sun PDF Import Extension and Modern Impress Template are two extensions that appear very promising to me, and I plan to try some of the others out over the next few weeks.

I have three licenses for Microsoft Office and as older computers in my home “retire” to light duty, I have utilized various office suites on these computers:  AbiWord, NeoOffice, and Open Office.  The new Open Office is a wonderful solution and provides users with a solid, reliable alternative to Microsoft Office and Apple iWork.  With an economy that has been tight my entire life, open source software has always been a welcome alternative on a limited budget.  Try Open Office today or upgrade your older version.  You will like what you get, and the price is right!

  1. shakti singh says:

    do it best

  2. Chris Hoskin says:

    Thanks for the .pdf extention. Very useful.

  3. jdrake90 says:

    Open Office is like Firefox – as they grow in market share – they will push the big companies like Microsoft to lower prices and stay on the edge of features. For now – why pay $400+ for the MS logo?

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