Happy Birthday Hannah: Sweet 16

Posted: April 30, 2008 in Family, Learning, teachers

Sixteen years ago I became a dad for the first time. I was scared to my wits about the whole thing and I suppose I still am! 😉 Hannah helped me learn to be a dad. She taught me how to play Barbies, have fun with water, to “do it again daddy,” to worry more than I ever have, to be prouder than I ever have, and to have a broken heart more than I ever could have known.

My joy is great because of Hannah, and I can’t believe how fast 16 years can go by. This little baby that arrived near high noon on April 30, 1992 stared into my eyes and won my heart forever. I can still see her and that moment in my mind as if it were yesterday. It was a great day, and life has improved each day. If I had to list one of my greatest teachers it would be Hannah. Because of what she didn’t or doesn’t know, I learn. That is so cool! I love you Hannah!!!

  1. think411 says:

    Great post 😉 My worst fear is having a little girl, I think it would kill me if someone ever broke her heart…

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