Wordpress Logo If you are new to using WordPress.com, especially if I have encouraged you to do so as of late, you will notice the new administration design in the dashboard. In our blogging workshop this past Thursday I was able to warn those in attendance, but now I send out a message to everyone else to relax and remain calm. 😉

My good friend Brad Kovach has a nice explanation of the new features of WordPress 2.5. Obviously he is using the actual install, but what he shares is beneficial and I know it will answer several questions that may arise. Read his article at the following link: A look at WordPress 2.5

The changes you see now in the WordPress dashboard will take some getting used to, but I believe we will see the redesign as better organized for the user. Let me know your thoughts and comments on the new design; and, of course, please ask questions so that you can find your way if you aren’t sure where something is located now!

So, let’s see, I suppose we are due for some new video tutorials aren’t we!?! I will have to get my headset mic ready and fire up Jing next week. In the meantime remember: relax and remain calm. 🙂


  1. KJA says:

    Yes it is a bit of a change. Thanks for the links.

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