Heather Cast My daughter Heather and I have continued our podcasting adventure with two new tales for your listening pleasure. The purpose of this is two-fold: Heather and I are having fun sharing our tales for posterity, and we are providing some examples for a creating and publishing online media class! I plan to tweak these podcasts using Audacity and spicing them up a bit with music, pictures, etc. We shall see what comes to pass. The fun part of publishing online is the ability to be creative with what you want to share and how you want to share it. For instance, an actual “Heather Tale” web page or blog would be a great repository for these tales. The whole idea is to generate ideas with your “stars/students” and audience; so, let Heather and I know what we could do to jazz up our podcasts, and in the meantime enjoy our raw, unedited tales as told in real life! 😉

A Brand New Heather Tale (As of about 9:30 p.m.)

Heather’s Tale

Daddio’s Tale

  1. Brad Kovach says:

    This was so great. I like how comfortable Heather was in taping the show.

    When podcasting (if, usually), I use Audacity’s compressor plugin. If you take the settings up to a ratio of about 4.5:1 and leave the attack time normal, and make sure it amplifies after it finishes, the result is a loud-enough version of your podcast. I also use the noise removal, but do that before you compress.

    That way, you’ll have excellent, loud audio for everyone!

    BTW, I am faithfully reading your site via RSS now! A dedicated reader is a must!

  2. nhokanson says:

    Thanks Brad, you are our biggest fan as we are yours!!! We are doing raw casts for now to show how you can easily put together a quick podcast on the fly in Heather’s house or ideally in a classroom setting. If you go to the following link you can see the progression we are taking as we learn to podcast and produce other media online (Obviously we are creating examples for a class):


    Thanks for the tips to refine the use of Audacity. We may not have time to cover that in our class, but I will share your info on the wiki page and will try the settings soon.

  3. Nolan says:

    Those are some great stories. I really enjoyed listening to them. They are very funny, great job guys!!!

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