I’m off to Kansas City for an Infinite Campus “meeting” (I have to travel on Super Bowl Sunday & will miss it!!!) and am placing a couple of podcasts here for my Heather to listen to while I am away! Heather’s brother Nicholas and I began a tradition a few years ago of making up and telling dragon tales for our bedtime stories. In recent years Heather has added pony tales to the mix. We have begun to record our tales as they need to be saved for posterity and for the listening enjoyment of others! 🙂 We are simply using a Video iPod and a Griffin iTalk to record our tales. I load the .wav files into iTunes and convert them to mp3; so, nothing fancy here as of yet. Enjoy!

Heather’s Tale

Daddio’s Tale

  1. Brad Kovach says:

    I dreamed of podcasting with my iPod. I bought an XtremeMac MicroMemo. It was neato! But then I got this iPod touch, and I sold the iVideo to my brother, so it doesn’t work anymore.

    But MSN will return soon.

    Very soon.

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