I am teaching a workshop on creating and publishing media online.  The following are some online resources that I have found to be good places to post content.  What are some that you all recommend?


Google Video






School Notes





  1. Have you tried Voicethread? I’ve had some students use it in class, and it works like a charm.

  2. nhokanson says:

    Thanks John! I have not tried Voicethread. We will have to take a look.

  3. Brad Kovach says:

    Skype is really handy for remote-schooling. My teachers and I use it so I can stay caught up when I leave town.

  4. Brad Kovach says:

    And don’t forget skrbl.com. It’s a shared whiteboard solution that supports multiple simultaneous editors. Coupled with an ActivBoard/SmartBoard and Skype, this is the perfect remote-school solution.

  5. tim says:


    I’ve just started a classroom blog for my students, using 21classes.com

    It’s my initial dip into using blogs in a classroom environment. I looked at edublogger and blogmeister, but like the 2 layer system and the hosted setup of 21classes. It’s not the most flexible like WordPress MU can be – but I feel comfortable using it to start.

    I like the fact that I showed my site to fellow teachers who are non-tech – and they “got” it straight away, and were suggesting how they could also make use of the setup.

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