iPod TouchAs did many others, I updated my iPod Touch today with the new features. I had not expected the $19.99 update but reluctantly paid for apps I had hoped for on the iPod Touch. I really like the addition of mail and notes, and these are features that I know I will use repeatedly. I wish for a working Flash player as I browse the web, and I believe such a player is needed especially if one is inclined to use this device in a classroom setting. Where I am, we have the standard online assessments that I would like to try out on the iPod Touch; however, without Flash, accessing the assessments are limited. I see this as the type of device that will become prevalent in the near future, and if affordable may become the answer to portability challenges schools face when it comes to sharing limited computing equipment. What do you think?

  1. Brad Kovach says:

    YOU PAID FOR THE UPDATES? I hacked mine and got mine from Installer.app. I hope they release the updates for free soon, because I don’t think that Sarbanes-Oxley is causing problems anymore… I think it’s unfair that the iPhone updates and the Apple TV updates are free.

    My iPod is still on 1.1.2, but it’s using the free iPhone versions of the applications. I’m happy. I can’t live without my Jailbroken iPod.

  2. nhokanson says:

    Brad, you know I always pay for my software. It is all part of good digital citizenship!

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