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Had a good day at the T+L Conference.  Started off the morning with Will Richardson who is always good.  It’s about change, and actually doing it in our schools.  The keynote was well done, and my notes of these two “sessions” are at my wiki.

The wireless connection at the conference leaves something to be desired.  The conference overall is very commercial, but that is T+L.  We have  had  a chance to see the vendor floor and mostly followed up on current technology that we currently use and are planning on adding to.  Also, had the pleasure of meeting up with my former colleagues from my district in Wyoming.  It was  good to see them all and especially to visit with my former technology director Gary Hancock at Lincoln County School District #2.

Some of us attended a Moodle session, and we plan to fire  this up when we get back to the district.  Brian and I have visited about this for awhile and now we will use it to provide professional development in our initial deployment.  It will be good.


Gaylord Hotel We arrived in Nashville this evening and at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel around 7:30 pm. What a wonderful atmosphere this place has. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions and events here at the T+L Conference, and I plan to take notes at my PBWiki for a start. I’m unsure what our wireless availability will be, but if you are following along you will soon see.

I have traveled with 9 other staff members from my school district, and it will be nice to share this experience with them and to have some meaningful conversations about what we need to do to better serve the students in our district when it comes to technology and learning. Our beginning of the year technology survey showed a majority of people at the exploration stage in integrating technology in the classroom, and we definitely need to facilitate moving to the integration stage and at a routine level. I’m sure we will get several ideas and find some good resources to assist each of us in that effort. Stay tuned!

T+L Conference 2007

Posted: October 15, 2007 in T+L Conference

See you at the T+L Conference in Nashville, Tennessee!  I shall report from the floor of the conference as I am able, and will do my best to let ya’all know what I am learning!  😉

A Vision of Students Today

Information R/evolution

T+L Conference On Tuesday I will have the opportunity to travel with several colleagues to the T+L Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. I plan to report my travels via my usual wiki approach (Probably my PBWiki), but I am hoping to try twittering a bit or joining in on another approach that anyone may be considering.

If you have something in mind please let me know as I would enjoy collaborating and developing a conversation of what is shared at the conference. Also, if you happen to be attending this conference I would love to meet you! I look forward to gaining new knowledge and sharing the great things that are happening in our district.

Future Bloggers

Posted: October 11, 2007 in blog

I am sitting with some future bloggers…here we go!!!  They are now bloggers!!!

If you frequent this blog please let me know who you are via the comments section of this post! Subscribe to this blog via RSS if you haven’t already!!! Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate you all! I only wish I knew you better! 🙂