Pumpkin Patch

Posted: October 29, 2007 in Family, Just For Fun, Nature

Pumpkin Patch This evening we ventured out into a local pumpkin patch to fetch some pumpkins for carving. The corn is tall and dry, the pumpkins orange, and the leaves are quickly changing in this part of the world. A cool breeze brings the chills of fall and winter is just a few weeks away. This is a wonderful time of year, and I look forward to the holiday season in our new home. We have met many new friends, and we have been welcomed with open arms in our new community. We hope we are making a difference for the good with those we mingle with each day, and we know we are better for coming here. It has not always been an easy transition, and our hearts are often tugged by those we left behind, but we are happy to be here. There are times in our lives, as Yogi Berra once stated, when you come to a fork in the road, take it! 😉 Taking the road less traveled is not the point as Frost would share. Sometimes you just choose a fork and take it, and a whole new world opens up that you never dreamed may have happened if we hadn’t taken the chance and been willing to grow. We took a fork, and what an adventure it has been. We look forward to many more wonderful days here on the prairie. Peace!


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