Had a good day at the T+L Conference.  Started off the morning with Will Richardson who is always good.  It’s about change, and actually doing it in our schools.  The keynote was well done, and my notes of these two “sessions” are at my wiki.

The wireless connection at the conference leaves something to be desired.  The conference overall is very commercial, but that is T+L.  We have  had  a chance to see the vendor floor and mostly followed up on current technology that we currently use and are planning on adding to.  Also, had the pleasure of meeting up with my former colleagues from my district in Wyoming.  It was  good to see them all and especially to visit with my former technology director Gary Hancock at Lincoln County School District #2.

Some of us attended a Moodle session, and we plan to fire  this up when we get back to the district.  Brian and I have visited about this for awhile and now we will use it to provide professional development in our initial deployment.  It will be good.

  1. Big T. says:

    I’m glad you got a chance to see the Grand Ole Opry! Maybe the Country Music Hall of Fame will ask you to perform while you are there? I sure hope the keynotes are a little better tomorrow!


  2. Mrs. Wielechowski says:

    There is so much great technology and so little time to become immersed in all the areas available.
    We have another blog at Adams, which will be introduced to the book discussion group and Reading Classic teams this week. Check it out at adamslibblog.edublogs.org.

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