If you frequent this blog…

Posted: October 10, 2007 in Just For Fun
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If you frequent this blog please let me know who you are via the comments section of this post! Subscribe to this blog via RSS if you haven’t already!!! Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate you all! I only wish I knew you better! 🙂

  1. madmathteacher says:


    I have your blog’s RSS on my Google Reader.

    Madmathteacher (Mr. Smith)

  2. nhokanson says:

    Mr. Smith, aka the Mad Math Teacher, 🙂 has started a great blog for his classroom!!! Thanks for chiming in. Let me know when you are ready to share your blog here at H I T and I will provide a link. I have been following what you are doing, and you are amazing!!! How do your students like it so far?

  3. Neil,

    Long time reader, always look forward to read what you have to say.

    Brian Grenier
    El Paso, Texas

  4. John Curry says:

    Hey Neil,

    I just blogged about you as one of the blogs I look forward to reading most. You can see the post at: http://effectivedesign.org/2007/10/09/which-blogs-do-i-look-forward-to-reading/

    Thanks for the hard work!


  5. nhokanson says:

    Thanks Brian and John! I know you both are faithful readers and contributors; plus, each of you have provided welcome encouragement along the way. You each, along with Dan, have helped me prepare for an intro to blogging class by commenting here today; now, I have good examples of the interactive features of a blog. Thus, the ulterior motive for this post. I just didn’t want to seem like I was begging for comments, but they are always welcome! 🙂

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