Open source typing and math programs (FREE)!!!

UPDATE 2/7/2009

I received the following information on 12/24/2008:

Hi Neil,

I’m the current lead developer for Tux Math and Tux Typing (and a dad of a fith-grader). I notice you have links to older versions of our programs, but you don’t appear to have our current web site, which is:

We have just released new versions of both programs which reflect hard work by our Google Summer of Code students. Both programs have been very substantially improved.

Best wishes,
David Bruce

Tux Typing

Tux Math

Plus, find loads more educational open source software at School Forge!!!

  1. TeacherJay says:

    WOW! Thanks Neil! I have been putting my own listing of free software that I have personally downloaded and used at some point at

    This will be a huge help!

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