Which of the following blog hosts would work best for beginning users in an educational setting? I have my ideas, but what are yours?  Please feel free to add to the list.

The list:

Learner Blogs
Landmarks Class Blogmeister
World Bridges
21 Classes

  1. James says:

    I vote for edublogs 🙂

  2. nhokanson says:

    Well James, I am not surprised! 🙂 Thanks for chiming in. I am debating what to use with my teachers in my school district, and put this out there with no bites so far. I am offering a course next week where I will share several choices. I will make sure to move your edublogs to the top of the heap! I’ll try to have my teachers stop here and share their preferences or at least get a discussion going somewhere. You may be interested in their feedback.


  3. Brad Kovach says:

    Construct your own blog server with WordPressMU. It might take a little tweaking, but I’d help you. 🙂 A Ubuntu Server box could run it in about an hour. Boom! (Almost) instant group blogging. You’d be a TOTAL administrator, instead of outsourcing it to somebody. Here’s what we’re doing with it: blogs.lcsd2.org

    Good post.
    Blogging is becoming too necessary.

    Teachers, however, have hard times with blogging. Although the blogging architecture fits classroom/day-to-day stuff well (in theory), teachers want a website that is set it and forget it. They don’t want to continually update it.

    I, too, want teachers to blog EVERYTHING. Imagine an RSS feed for your classes that has posted assignments, perhaps digital copies of handouts and more! I digress.

  4. Brad Kovach says:

    Having looked at EduBlogs, I take it back. They do managed WordPressMU for education. If they do a custom DNS solution to integrate it into your domains, you may be in luck. We outsource our Moodle installations. Outsourcing blogs might be worthwhile, too.

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