First Day of SchoolFor most students, in my part of the world, yesterday (now two days ago) was the first day of school; however, 7-12 students had a reprieve until today (now yesterday). So, today (now yesterday) I shall deem the first day of school for everyone. With a busy schedule yesterday (now two days ago – are you seeing a pattern here), 😉 that included getting my five children where they needed to be and home, I did not get an opportunity to post here at H I T. It is a busy and exciting time to be in education, and we face some difficult challenges. Nevertheless, we face these challenges together because of kids like my own that you see in this post’s picture. They are our future, and we must not be afraid to do what is necessary to help them prepare for an uncertain world. Problem solving skills must be taught and practiced in order for our children to make a way for themselves. Technology can serve as a tool to solve real world problems, but in order to do so these children need access.  My children are fortunate in that they have opportunities at home that many kids don’t have.  A place to close this digital divide is in schools, but this requires a commitment on the part of policy and decision makers to come to the plate and hit a home run.  I realize this is not a game, but there is much to be won or lost, and my position and mindset is that we go for the gold!


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