North Platte High School Marching Band

Posted: August 24, 2007 in Education, Family, High School, Music, Music Education, School

NPHS Marching Band We attended the first football game of the season this evening and the North Platte High School Bulldogs defeated Columbus!!! The marching band performed very well playing the national anthem and two songs during halftime. Our daughter Hannah played her trombone in excellent fashion along with her wonderful band mates. Mr. Bradley has done a great job in bringing this group together and forming a wonderful team of budding musicians.

It has been a full week in the district with all of the teachers back and ready for students to arrive this coming Monday.  I use the term “ready” loosely as we all know we are never ready, especially when it comes to the technology department.  😉 Nevertheless, we will make the best of our situations and welcome those bright shining faces into the schools and classrooms in the coming days.  I sense and see great things happening here in our part of the world, and I hope to share our challenges and inevitable successes as the year progresses.   Test scores are up in the district, and the hard work of students, staff, and parents is paying off.  We must not rest on our laurels but must continue to be committed to continual improvement.  It is a pleasure to be here and to work with such a dedicated group of people that are working together to make this a special place to be and visit.

I also had the opportunity to meet two of my son’s teachers today, and I am thankful for their service and choice to be involved in the education of my children.  Teaching is a noble profession, and I admire those who have taken on its charge.  I am thankful each day to work with such wonderful people!

Please enjoy this short clip of our own North Platte High School Marching Band!!!

  1. Les Sayles says:

    Just surfing, interesting web site, I remember playing in the band at NPHS for ’61 to ’64. That march down the track in front of east stands and around the curve to take our seats in the west stands was a rush. blasting the fight song all the way. Mr. Larry Romeiser was our director. For one year, Janecek was the drum major, followed by Kendall Gunlicks.

    I was in the vocal dept. also, Robert Rouch was the director. great times.
    teachers I especially remember: George Redding, Randy Witt, Dan McGuire, Margaret Morton, Gary Eaves, and Pinkston, larry Roth.

    thanks for the memories

    les sayles 64

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