My first year without “students”…

Posted: August 17, 2007 in Education, Educational Leadership, Learning

My Old Classroom This will be my first year without a new crop of students entering my own personal classroom. I have made the move to another place in the educational system, and it will be odd to not have a classroom of kids for the first time in 14 years. As I reflect, I know that I will miss this, but I am excited in a different way for this new school year. I am excited for the whole school district, all the teachers, staff, and students that will grace my life with their presence. I now serve all students and staff, and I have the ability to assist and empower each of them to move to greater heights.

As I passed through some schools this week I noticed teachers getting an early start in setting up their classrooms, and I was jealous because I know that feeling of anticipation that sits in your heart and soul as you want things to be just right for when your new students roll in. I know I am where I should be at this time in my educational career, and I will have many opportunities to teach, learn, and grow this year. However, the landscape has changed for me, and I know I will ask for opportunities to share someones classroom with them as the school year progresses. It will be like oxygen, and will help me transition into my new role by reminding me of those precious moments in my classrooms over the years.

Last year I actually didn’t have a physical classroom as I volunteered to reside in a cubicle and travel from room to room (I had done this earlier in my career too but with no cubicle!), but physical walls do not a classroom make!  What makes a classroom are students, and these students for me are now of all ages:  adult learners, high school, middle level, and primary school aged.  They include everyone that I come in contact with, and I also serve as their student in this network of life-long learning.  I guess in reality I’ll miss my small classroom, but not so much because it got a whole lot bigger and provides so many more great opportunities.  That is cool!


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