I first became aware of the National School Boards Association report “Creating and Connecting/Research and Guidelines on Online Social-and Educational-Networking” in David Warlick’s post at his blog 2¢ Worth.

Recommendations from the report include:

“Explore social networking sites.”

“Consider using social networking for staff communications and professional development.”

“Find ways to harness the educational value of social networking.”

“Ensure equitable access.”

“Pay attention to the nonconformists.”

“Reexamine social networking policies.”

“Encourage social networking companies to increase educational value.”

The report also states: “Safety policies remain important, as does teaching students about online safety and responsible online expression–but students may learn these lessons better while they’re actually using social networking tools.”

50 Percent


59 Percent

David has begun a conversation at his blog concerning this report and I invite you to click on over and take part.

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