Broken Window No, this is not a post about operating systems, but real windows.  There are two kinds of windows: those that have been broken and those yet to be broken.  I have had children for 15 years and in that time none of them have broken a window until last Friday.  Now realize, we have five kids which puts the odds of broken windows in our home very high!

When I first received the news my reaction was, “Which one did it?”  It should have been, “Is everyone okay?”  I think this is a Dad thing passed down from generation to generation as we mete out punishment on a regular basis.  I wasn’t upset, and as soon as I knew it was my eleven year old son I began to process how he would be handling the situation.

My next question was, “How did it happen?”  Well, my kids have caught the tennis bug after going to play with some friends.  Since that time they have been hitting tennis balls against the side of the house and yes, my wife and I warned them of the dangers of breaking a window.  The kids were persistent and kept at it until the fateful day when glass shattered onto the driveway from above.

We learn in many ways, but experience is a powerful teacher.   Sometimes we are warned of dangers that can, could, or might  befall us in order to protect our well being, but many times these warnings can limit opportunities to learn important lessons.  I am not saying I want all the windows in my home to be obliterated by my children, 😉 but I do realize some things can’t be reinforced simply through words.

Many of the Web 2.0 tools that can be used by educators are unavailable and are kept behind windows.  We can see, read,  or hear about these tools but until we reach out and partake of them they sit in view but are not used.  There may be dangers, according to some, that go along with collaborative tools; however, if we don’t try and break a few windows we will never know.  Yes, mistakes might happen because these things are fairly new, but these are learning opportunities that can help us to become better people.  Maybe this is a stretch in my linking these experiences, but simply looking out a window does not help us grow.  We have to get out by opening the window, exiting a door, or breaking through to the rest of the world so that we can learn from one another.   What do you think?

  1. bradkovach says:

    No, this is not a post about operating systems

    As they say on the internet: LOL.

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