I spent the morning going through an eInstruction training on the use of their CPS clicker system.  This is a great tool, and the grade school teachers that will be using them have many other tools within the system that they can use.  I know there are other systems like this, but I like the ability CPS offers to utilize existing assessments and documents, and the opportunity to utilize textbook software and PowerPoint presentations.  Overall, the engagement that this hardware and software facilitates from students should be wonderful.

  1. David Robb says:

    My school district just purchased CPS clicker systems. I’m glad to hear a positive endorsement; I’m looking forward to using them myself.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m working on a project to implement a similar Clicker system – this one by Interwrite Learning. They have two systems: Cricket & PRS. We’re working with the PRS. I have seen the eInstruction system – several years back. I did like the functionality it offered.


  3. Neil,

    Once things settle down a bit after this week, it’s been a summer full of PD workshops, I too am going to sit down and begin planning how to best demonstrate the power and potential of eInstruction to my teachers. Each of the eight schools I work directly with has at least one set of the remotes, unfortunately I have never seen them used. I would love to hear more about strategies, tutorials, and best practices going on in your district.

    Take Care.


  4. nhokanson says:

    I will keep you posted on the use of the clickers in our district. They have been used successfully in some of our other schools already, and I need to get around and visit with other teachers who have experienced past success. School starts in a couple of weeks, and some video is in order! I’ll share their use in action! Thanks for all your comments.

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