hitchhikr As stated on the hitchhikr.com site:

“We live in a time of rapid change, where few of us are doing what we learned to do in college. Few of us are doing what we did three years ago. Our work becomes obsolete, or it gets insourced, outsourced, or even mobsourced to others, as we find new and more exciting niches of expertise to serve through.

In changing times, we need to raise our heads out of the water every once in a while, take a drink of kool-aid, network, learn, and energize. Yet, we can’t always make it to the conferences we need to attend to mix with the people we need to see — face-to-face. This is why Hitchhikr was invented, to provide you with a virtual space where, thanks to blogs, podcasts, and RSS, we can connect, share, respond, and grow knowledge out beyond the place and time of the event.”

What a great opportunity this site presents to all who have wanted to attend a particular conference or convention but could not! Enjoy!


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