An Incredible Journey…

Posted: June 13, 2007 in Current Event, Family, Nature

Snow MoveThis is not a tech post, but I couldn’t resist sharing our great moving adventure!!! We set out on a beautiful June morning (see the snow picture) in Wyoming and drove for 300 miles in blizzard conditions. We made it 60 miles before we got our first flat tire on the auto transport in a town with no services, but luckily I stopped by an old college roommate’s parent’s home, and Bob got us lined up with the right person to get us on our way. We fought the weather until our tired souls decided to give up and hope for better weather the next day, and this proved to be the wise choice. We found ourselves under sunny skies as we rolled into Nebraska and eventually to our new home.

House NorthwestMy mother and father-in-law were here to greet and help us unload the truck and to start getting settled in. We have had wonderful neighbors stop by and new friends from our church to bring food and greet us and to invite us to activities scheduled this week. We are slowly getting things put in their new places, but we are home again. I tackled some yard work before the awesome thunderstorms and rain halted my progress. I have lived in western Kansas, central Colorado, eastern Wyoming, eastern South Dakota, and now western Nebraska. I am always in awe of the storms here in the Midwest. The power and beauty of a Midwestern sky is unmatched by any other place I have lived or visited.

House SouthwestWe couldn’t quite fit all of our belongings into the biggest moving truck we could find; so, it appears we will make another trip to get the rest in the next few weeks. Five children and two adults seem to acquire a lot of things over time, and believe me we tried to whittle things down before our great adventure began! It has been awhile since I could load and haul all of my earthly possessions in the back seat and trunk of a car!!! Those were the days, but it sure was a lonely trip! 😦 We will spend the next few days getting settled in some more. I don’t see myself posting a whole lot for now, but I thought I would check in for those that might be interested. Until later, peace!

  1. Jeff says:

    Glad you made it safely! I can totally relate to not being able to fit everything any more. It is incredible how much stuff you seem to accumulate with kids.

  2. Very nice story, and Jeff, I is also very clear.

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