I have used the Edheads site for the weather activities in my geography classroom, but it has so much more.  My students always liked to try out the “Virtual Knee Surgery” activity especially when one of them had to go through the real thing!  The Edheads site states:

“Edheads brings you high quality, free educational activities for your classroom

Edheads helps students learn through educational games and activities designed to meet state and national standards. We partner with various school systems in the United States, which help us research, design and test our activities every step of the way!

Not only do teachers and students appreciate our free activities, Edheads has been recognized by almost every major award on the Web for our excellent educational content!

So dive into an activity to let the fun and learning begin!”

Give it a try with your students!

  1. april says:

    Hello, my name is April and i think it is really good that there are games like these for people to see and learn about the body and how it functions etc, i think it is amazing how operations are performed and shown on these games and think it is fantastic that people can participate in operating, i think you should put more operations on as it is very interesting!

  2. Tammy says:

    Hello I think this website is amazing! The only thing i wish for is if you could make an app for it cause I’m always on my iPad,but once again it is amazing. 🙂

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