iQuiz Maker This morning I received an e-mail from Apple offering a new game for my video iPod called iQuiz for a mere 99 cents. As I read the news at MacNN I learned about Aspyr’s iQuiz Maker for this new iQuiz game (Apple’s bit on iQuiz Maker). Now that is a good combination!!! I downloaded iQuiz at iTunes and then did the same for iQuiz Maker (I also downloded some themes and ready made quizzes at Aspyr). I tried one of the iQuiz quizzes (TV Show Trivia) and soon learned that I don’t watch enough TV anymore (I think that is okay)! This has great possibilities with the ability to create quizzes. I will put one together using Aspyr’s software and see how it all works. This really opens up the use of iPods in the classroom as wonderful review tools with the ability to create tutorials in iQuiz Maker. Despite all the “i’s”, I really like that!!! 🙂

UPDATE: I just created a simple multiple choice quiz in iQuiz Maker on basic USA geography. The file is automatically added to the proper folder in iTunes. I synced my iPod and played the quiz! This is a very simple and easy way to create tutorials for the iPod!!! You can click the following link to download my “Geography USA Quiz” and either import it into your own copy of iQuiz Maker or drop into your iQuiz folder (located within your iTunes folder and iPod Games folder).

  1. albert says:

    Do you mind to share the quiz at

  2. […] Hokanson has an interesting post about using iQuiz Maker to create your own quizzes to be used on iPods. The possibilities for use […]

  3. Michael says:

    The requirements for this software seem to be iTunes 7.3 or earlier which means that the newest version, iTunes 8 will not work with iQuizMaker.

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